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Muy Tranquilo
Gramatik Lyrics

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George Moutsos

Rest in Peace Reckful.

Oded Fried-Gaon

woah, i had never heard of Reckful. omg, what man, and then up and left us. depression is terribly alienating and debilitating. very sad, indeed.

Jimmy Neutron

@George Moutsos he had great taste in music such chill and happy vibes from this drinking my coffee listening to this
Rip reckful

Pixel Monkey

a sad way of finding out ... r.i.p.

Fede Cnjo

John Do Im truly sorry for your loss, RIP <3

John Do

My lil Brother Every Time Listened Grammatic, Mr Green , Alchemyst - He was Died in 22.

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Rudi Le Goarant

This song brings my to the highest point of good vibes, creativity, positivity, determination and power of will even in the hardest of time. Music is magic.


Beleeeee Dat!
Percentage by the 100's!!!

Lily of the Desert

Rudi Le Goarant stopped to listen to SATANiC music which 99,99,99 % of ALL Rock music is , i listen to pure enjoyable music like somene who shuts the fuck up about (whore-shippin) Satan! So since this has no lyrics perfect! Ambient is nice also! Pure jazz, and one and one lyric song, most of you reading this are nasturbating youre ears over satanic music daily for 1-10 hours a day! And youre hooked and you will feel annoyed reading this 💩 fools

Matthew Morse

couldn't agree more! check out

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