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Muy Tranquilo
Gramatik Lyrics

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N Cordell

Sickening depression making me wake up 3 times a night, each time I play this song to remind myself that this world will be healed someday. Very beautiful and hopeful vibrations here.

Αργυρώ Κέκου

we are certainly not responsibly for such heroic task need to get depressed for world's healing

flysomething damitdotcom

Just f in wow man what a cool comment thank you.

Glen Thomas

@Aditya Solanke music is food for the soul that keeps on getting sick...

Life Path 22

This world will certainly be healed! But some people are impatient and expect it to happen over night, which won't happen. It happens slowly, but when we see horrible things on the news, people will say "the world is getting worse" but it's really just being brought to attention so we can take care of it. 2 steps forward, one step back. That's still progress, but in the step back, people get scared.

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Andrey Shepotin

This is amazing! Impossible not to get a smile on your face when you hear it. Doesnt matter how bad your day may be. Love it​



Vivian Goldschmidt

My daily dose of Gramatik helps me through the dark winter. Thank you soooo much!


Друг живи))))))))))))

Exe. Dist

This really reminds me of when I used to jam and have blues rock sessions at college on piano and keyboards. This is F'in excellent! Love it so much, so much funk!

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