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Idle Moments
Grant Green Lyrics

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paul jobin

On the back cover of the original Blue Note LP, there was a long comment by Duke Pearson, the pianist who composed the tune. He explained the exceptional conditions that made these 15 minutes of their recording session an "ideal moment" for ever, as much as an "idle moment". Here is an extract of that text:
"Idle Moments. What does a person usually think of during his idle moments? Does he sit in recollection of past pleasures or disappointment? Or does he seat and daydream of an accomplishment, desire, or goal he wishes someday to finally achieve?
I wonder while listening to this recording, just what the people involved were thinking of while idling away (so to speak). The dreamlike mood that prevails gave me the idea of naming this tune Idle Moments.
It was well past midnight when we came to this tune. Since this was the last number of the session, it was to run for no longer than seven minutes. It was my duty to assign the solo order, and designate the number of ad-lib choruses each of the musicians were to play. I figured that the melody should be played at once, then Green for two choruses, and each of the others for one apiece. This I calculated, should run from six-and-a-half, to seven minutes.
The 'take' number was announced, and we started recording. The sixteen bar melody that was to be played once, was repeated for thirty-two bars. As Green was finishing his second sixteen-bar chorus, I was getting ready to make my entrance, but he kept playing. I waited for him again at the end of his third sixteen, and took up his pattern, but he repeated once again. Then it dawned on me that since the melody was played twice, thirty-two bars were being considered one full chorus. So when it came my turn to improvise, I too placed thirty-two bars, and gave the "high sign" to Joe Henderson.
Henderson took two steps closer in the microphone, closed his eyes, and warm, beautifully passionate sounds began pouring from his horn.
I was watching Alfred Lion thru the glass that separates the recording room from the control room, and he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the proceedings. Then he looked at his stopwatch, frowned, looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, smiled, and continued listening to Joe. But Booby Hutcherson was yet to follow, and I knew that he was going to play at least thirty-two bars..."

John Travena

Glad Green played it as a 32 bar chorus. It wouldn’t have the same impact at 16. I always think of this song as a blues man playing a gypsy tune.

Larry Dominguez

estoric vibesrations

John Feesey

the latter


lovely, thank you. for me, this is the value of YouTube. Algorithm me baby. Keep the sounds coming.

Mark Schultz

And that is why Idle Moments is among the greatest Blue Note albums ever recorded. Dig it.

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Laurie Ditchburn

My late husband adored Grant Green~and introduced me to him. Thank God for William James Elliott~and Thank God for Grant Green!

Laurie Ditchburn

@Glen Boyle Thank you, Glen! My husband appreciated all of these great musicians. Thank you so much for your comment!

Glen Boyle

Your late husband had sublime taste. Guitarist like grant green wes montgomery tal farlow barney kessell. They dont make them like that anymore jazz is life .life is jazz.✌

Laurie Ditchburn

Thank you. That is so kind of [email protected] online lessons via zoom

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