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The Young Ones Slept
Great Bloomers Lyrics

The city yawns and stretches
There's songs to sing
With the voice of elder and the young ones slept
Heavy eyes that see clear but can still dream
And this feeling irks me
But it's gone so quickly

And you're still new to me
And you burn so brightly

I just smile politely at everyone I see in case you suddenly appear
Now I'm tired of waiting
And this hesitation
We buried the hatchet in our own back yard

We buried the hatchet in our own back yard...

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Comments from YouTube:


Right on guys!


Blowin thru Blues changes. Thank Dog for decent production. Have a swell time @ The Horse. HFX is holy ground.

The Fuzzy Undertones

AWESOME, went to your album release party and it was super rad

joe as

saw these guys play live at uft today (y)


Great sound guys!!!


Awww Toronto!

Island Laaif Int'l

love the video guys

Jen M

To the single person who disliked this, shame on you.




2 people haven't slept.

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