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Greg Maroney Lyrics

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Mrrkgpy7_ 이석훈_ Seok Hoon_ LEE

Breathe ~~~ 
Breeze ~~~
Wind ~~~~~~~
시와 음악 ~~~~~~~
Verse and Music ~~~~~~~
Poem and Music ~~~~~~~~~

시원하게 흘러가는 ~~~
산에 올라가야만 느낄수있는 ~~~~~~~
정말 시원한 산들바람 ~~~~~~~

기쁘거나 ~~~
슬프거나 ~~~
언제 어느때나 들어도 ~~~
정말 언제 들어도 너무 감상하기 좋습니다 ~~~~~~~

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Danielle Wingate

My mom and I listened to this on her death bed over and over, and then I played it at her funeral. This song is SOOOO moving and means more to me than I ever would've imagined. Such a journey in the music.

Patrick O'Donnell

Pink Floyd did this song the best. My prayers to your family

Tim Elam

I understand exactly. I similarly saw my mom passing over...


Its funny you should say this. I heard this song a little over a year ago and it has (along with Nara, by ES Posthumus, give this song a listen) become the soundtrack to my life and everything I will accomplish. Theres just a calm when I hear this song.

yesim O

Danielle Wingate May she rest in peace.

How Insalting

Danielle Wingate Sorry for your loss. You picked a good song, though.


I love how it starts slow and dark. Then it slowly builds up into an explosion of color and brightness. It switches back and forth like your thoughts do and sway like a passing breeze. It's so natural, so classic. It's truly a masterpiece.

Samantha Castellanos

Haiisu, you have a way with words. EXACTLY! Such a beautiful piece. Truly remarkable!

Thiago Andrade

Haiisu this 6 year old comment made me smile in 2017

Goodguy Cwyzz

Everyone should go to the original postings by Greg Maroney and give him a like and comment. His legit videos only have like 17k views while reuploads have like 100 times that

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