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GunFucked Lyrics

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All of a sudden none of his friends knew him very well or just knew him a little.

Aaron Hernandez

@van allen says who him? lol

Jayden C

@van allen I don't believe in lies.

van allen

@Jayden C how many lies did they tell you about Russia collusion?

Jayden C

@van allen I'm no sheep, you need to wake up yourself.

van allen

@Jayden C just keep eating; your wool will be ready in the fall.

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Zain kahn

Trump to Eppstein: "look at all the ladys"
Eppstein: " sure they got daughters"

Sundae Express

@RMR Nah, you don't.


Cause we want to know who murdered him. Let's see the list


@Lisa S why did they only expose prince andrew? I’m guessing because he didn’t listen to their demands and thought they don’t have dirt on him?

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