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Gurf Morlix Lyrics

I was rolling, I was flying high
Cards were falling, from out of the sky
I was way up, on top of the game
I could see like an eagle, hold my hand in the flame

I knew I had it, the moment was mine
It was all so clear, so frozen in time
(I was) about to lay it down, (I was) about to let it fly
But from across the room, somebody caught my eye

Now you can find a crossroads, make you a deal
Take a chance, spin the wheel
Strike a bargain, for what you think you need
But you’re gonna get cut and you’re gonna bleed

I got a little nervous, I hedged my bet
I started thinking about things that hadn’t happened yet
I saw the instant, I lost my edge
Trying to balance, out on the edge


He slid on in, he slipped me a name
It didn’t mean nothing but I knew just the same
He had what I wanted, he made it sound right
(He) said I knew where to meet him, just before midnight


Now I know some people, who sold their souls to the devil
And they don’t sound nothing, like Robert Johnson!

Writer(s): Gurf Morlix Copyright: Crankbait

Contributed by Colton K. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Kim Dennis

on 50 Years

I went to school with and was a drummer in his first garage bands with Gurf. I recognized most of the people he mentioned and can attest to his overwhelming love of music and verse even in the very early days. I really know how he feels about the speed of time but he again puts it so eloquently in fifty years. In my mind i'm still sixteen playing behind a guy that I knew was a genius totally dedicated to his craft and a careful observer of the human experience. Maybe I' not a kid anymore but I thank him for the memories and his songs!

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