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Gustav Mahler Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Gustav Mahler:

Das Trinklied vom Jammer der Erde Schon winkt der Wein im goldnen Pokale, doch trinkt noch ni…
Der Abschied Die Sonne scheidet hinter dem Gebirge. In alle Täler steigt…
Der Einsame im Herbst Herbstnebel wallen bläulich überm See; vom Reif bezogen ste…
Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen: I. Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht When my darling has her wedding-day, her joyous wedding-day,…
Von der Jugend Mitten in dem kleinen Teiche steht ein Pavillon aus grünem …
Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht, Fröhliche Hochzeit macht, …

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


@Kyle Kotula Right.
Bad and good are subjective terms...based on personal opinion or taste.
"Good music" is simply music that we like.
For me, the question then becomes, " why do I like some types of music more than others?"
Some folks can and do listen exclusively to " Country and Western" music all day. They climb into their pickup truck and listen to Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn.
Others listen mostly to one style of Jazz or another...or Hip-Hop or Disco or Opera or Heavy Metal or Oldies !
My theory is that we choose to listen to the genre of music that we think of as the soundtrack to our that speaks to us personally -OUR music.
Perhaps, the older you get, you are able to embrace more diverse styles.
Also, the music I listen to transforms the world I inhabit into a more comfortable and welcoming place. This is especially true when I listen without headphones.
Ever wonder why some people drive around blasting their car radios so that not only they can hear it but, everyone on the street can hear it too? Imposing their 'sound' transforms the world...makes it theirs, puts a personal stamp on reality so that the world becomes less threatening and they are suddenly in a world that accepts and understands them.

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Larry Thompson

Tomorrow I turn 80. What other piece of music, the Adagietto in Mahler's Fifth, can time travel one back into the beginning of life and forward to the end, which for me, draws near. Thank you for the experience with the blessed Mahler.

Trish Benedict

Hey, Larry! Happy 80th a year late! You’re the same age as my husband - he turned 81 last week. He still hikes in the hills most days and he’s been listening to a lot of Mahler & Bruckner. May you enjoy many more Adagiettos :)


Hello Larry, how are you? Hope you're 81 years of a full life. I think the end is the beginning of something inconceivable to our human minds. The goal is just the beginning :) Don't you?

Radouan Kati

Happy birthday Larry

natalya shmalyko

Протяженность звука нельзя принимать за движение, унылое воспоминание в музыкальном сочинении прячется за несобственную боль и разочарование.

Jacques Delisse

Bonne continuation à vous,vous avez encore des années musicales à vivre!

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Neel: The Other

I am 20 years old, and it's nice to see that quite a few people from my generation or younger are getting into classical music. It's easy to fall into the "I was born in the wrong generation" mindset, when the internet has made the discovery of older music easier than ever.

Alycat Publishing

Well said. Classical music is eternal. In most cases, it was here before us and will be here after us and this is a large part of its magic and mystery.

Bach Again

@Georgy Koentges I'll give it a liszten. I bet it'll change my life the same way it did yours.

Georgy Koentges

@Bach Again Or if you are more classically inclined you can try Voces8, a remarkable group. Here is one of their pieces. My life was changed forever when I was 11 when my uncle gave me two black shellack LPs; Keith Jarrett's Koeln Concerto (not on youtube) and Glenn Gould's Goldberg Variations (the 2nd, 1980 version). >40yrs later they still move me deeply and were formative for my ensuing musical interests.

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