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Groove Me
Guy Lyrics

When I get you home tonight
It is gonna be alright
Girl, just do it now
And let's just take it nice and slow
Hey, girl, I know
Girl I'm in a romantic mood and sing too
Won't you groove me?
Groove Me Tonight (sing along with me)
Groove Me baby

Even if it's only for awhile
Enjoy this good loving with a smile
Do it wild tonight
Having a heart attack tonight
We'll go wild tonight
Baby, baby I can be the one that does you right
And you can Groove Me, baby tonight!
Groove Me baby

Don't leave me with your prayers girl
Tell me you are on my world
Girl you know, girl don't let me be baby
I need your loving
If only you, my love, can Groove Me baby
Groove Me baby

Groove Me baby
Tonight tonight right now baby
That's what I want you to do
I want you to Groove Me tonight
Don't say no don't say maybe
Groove Me baby now! Yeah

Hold up! Hold up! It ain't over!
I thought y'all didn't like the beat?
It's not over! The party's not over!


Hold up! Hold up! It ain't over!
I thought y'all didn't like the beat?
It's not over!

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Comments from YouTube:

Kay R

i could only imagine how jumpin' the clubs probably used to be when this song played omg

Jose Serra

@Debra W pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppopppppoppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

Angela Haynesworth

@Debra W ppppppp

jeremy welch

Yes girl like they said and you watch the movie" New Jack City "you will get a feel or what was going on by then!Guy perform this song in the movie

Fe Caldwell

I can attest that we used to do the damn thang not thing but thang off of this song. We did the bank head bounce before it was the bank head bounce to this song and hopping from foot to foot but in a smooth way..we had our bright color blue jean outfits and you couldn't tell me or my friends nothing.. Lol.. I'm a young vibrant 51 year old who takes great care of myself..I don't indulge in anything heavy and I'm here to tell you that when my cousin pulled up in my
driveway a couple of hours ago playing this in his truck good and loud it sounded so damn good on his speakers and was so nostalgic that we had to take it back to those days right in my driveway..we even did the dance that they did on house party when you both stick one leg out in front of you to connect with the other person's leg that's in the same position as your's while you both are hopping on the other leg while going around in a circle..we were getting it in lady were dancing so hard while laughing just as hard that a couple of my "cool" neighbors that felt the same way we did came out on their porches geeking us up and that just made us really start showing he and I and my neighbors reminisced a little more and I caught my breath I came in my house and looked the song up and saw your post and I just had to reply. You sure did post a simple but such a fun statement..I don't know how old you are but I hope that you can look back one day at a song or two and get that same good feeling that we just did..even though your post is 6 years old I'm glad that I just happen to run across it on this particular day...GOD Bless you and have a wonderful wonderful day!!!!

420ChefJlynn Reeves

Str8 poppin

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Mr. Midnight

Other than James Brown, nobody has changed the sound of black music more than Teddy Riley....he doesn't get the honor he deserves from us.


I disagree, but I feel you... those 2? Only those 2?


@Mr. Midnight 100% truth here. There's no denying it unless your head is up your ass.


Hmmm ... idk about all that but for modern black music, Teddy has touched everything... and is definitely responsible for the explosion of modern black on the over all culture...

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