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Groove Me
by Guy

When I get you home tonight
It is gonna be alright
Girl, just do it now
And let's just take it nice and slow
Hey, girl, I know
Girl I'm in a romantic mood and sing too
Won't you groove me?
Groove Me Tonight (sing along with me)
Groove Me baby

Even if it's only for awhile
Enjoy this good loving with a smile
Do it wild tonight
Having a heart attack tonight
We'll go wild tonight
Baby, baby I can be the one that does you right
And you can Groove Me, baby tonight!
Groove Me baby

Don't leave me with your prayers girl
Tell me you are on my world
Girl you know, girl don't let me be baby
I need your loving
If only you, my love, can Groove Me baby
Groove Me baby

Groove Me baby
Tonight tonight right now baby
That's what I want you to do
I want you to Groove Me tonight
Don't say no don't say maybe
Groove Me baby now! Yeah

Hold up! Hold up! It ain't over!
I thought y'all didn't like the beat?
It's not over! The party's not over!


Hold up! Hold up! It ain't over!
I thought y'all didn't like the beat?
It's not over!

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Comments from YouTube:

Dot Summers

Who's here after the battle???


Here because of the background dancer๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ

kareem Alim

What a producer

Kay R

i could only imagine how jumpin' the clubs probably used to be when this song played omg

Paul Messier

Was there.... Still jumpin. U needed fly suits

Made New

Kay R amazing

Nisha Boyer

I was born in the wrong era

Nisha Boyer

Facts with actual dancing

Soulstar Musiclover

I lived it here in LA. MAN! Cuties with the high top fades we partied like no bodies business. Dance floor packed- lights dem, everybody working up a sweat. We had alot of popping clubs in the 80's and 90's. Thursday night Sports night, Friday and again on Saturday last call for alcohol. On to Fat Burgers. Rest up on Sunday and take your behind to work on Monday waiting to do it all again. I had a ball...wouldn't change nothing.

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Clubber Lang

Other than James Brown, nobody has changed the sound of black music more than Teddy Riley....he doesn't get the honor he deserves from us.

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