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Groove Me
Guy Lyrics

When I get you home tonight
It is gonna be alright
Girl, just do it now
And let's just take it nice and slow
Hey, girl, I know
Girl I'm in a romantic mood and sing too
Won't you groove me?
Groove Me Tonight (sing along with me)
Groove Me baby

Even if it's only for awhile
Enjoy this good loving with a smile
Do it wild tonight
Having a heart attack tonight
We'll go wild tonight
Baby, baby I can be the one that does you right
And you can Groove Me, baby tonight!
Groove Me baby

Don't leave me with your prayers girl
Tell me you are on my world
Girl you know, girl don't let me be baby
I need your loving
If only you, my love, can Groove Me baby
Groove Me baby

Groove Me baby
Tonight tonight right now baby
That's what I want you to do
I want you to Groove Me tonight
Don't say no don't say maybe
Groove Me baby now! Yeah

Hold up! Hold up! It ain't over!
I thought y'all didn't like the beat?
It's not over! The party's not over!


Hold up! Hold up! It ain't over!
I thought y'all didn't like the beat?
It's not over!

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Justin Curry


[Verse 1:]
When I get you home tonight
Then it's gonna be alright
Girl, just you and I
Hey let's recognize true love
Hey girl, are you in a romantic mood?
Sing, ooh, won't you groove me?

Groove me, baby, tonight
Groove me, baby, tonight

[Verse 2:]
Even if it's for a while
Enjoy this good loving with a smile
We'll go out tonight
Have a little part of paradise
We'll go out tonight
Baby, having dinner 'round the candle light
Then you can groove me


[Verse 3:]
Don't tease me with your maybe's, girl
Tell me you are in my world
And you'll never leave
Girl don't make me plead with you
I need your love, only you, my love
Singing, ohh, groove me, baby

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Teddy Riley was a true musician, unlike a lot of today’s producers. He knew Musicianship: melodies, harmonies, Theory, keys, etc. And he actually played instruments. That’s why all his productions rock!!

Clean Music Lover

And Timmy Gatling

Can’t Tell You

He IS a true musician, but to be fair he was real young back on this & could’ve better matched that Mohawks organ sample to the key 😂 if he made this track today he definitely would

🍯Manuka Honey🍯

@Alfred Patrick 💯

I like to refer to todays producers as "build - a - bear" producers

Roxanne Miller

Hell yeah,Teddy Riley.

Socially Retarded

FACTS!!!! Well said!

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Kenneth Dowd

This almost brings tears to my eyes. I miss this era SO much. I took it for granted cause subconsciously I thought it would last forever. Man, was I wrong. Now I'm stuck dealing with skinny jeans, studio singers, and jiberish on the radio.

Antoine Warren

I can definitely relate. It's 4 in the morning and I'm at the bus stop dancing as if this song was made yesterday. You can't dance in skinny and slim fit jeans with extra medium shirts; I'm heartbroken over this song 🤣🤣🤣😂

Josephveli The Don Stewart

I was a kid in this era I would give anything to be the age I am now to be in that era music was music then and seem like everybody had so much fun in that era

Katrina Brown

Yes indeed !! This new music is so Annoying!

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