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Will You Marry Me Mr Bollard
Gyp Hop Lyrics

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Kiya Lee Levy Runaya

this happened to me when I was a kid, but it was an actual free fall, then came to a sudden stop, which lifted me in the air
and then I saw a Dutch movie called "De Lift"; about a man-eating lift.

and my days of going on electrical machines that go up and down were over.

not just lifts.

all that shit.
think rollercoasters, escalator stairs etc

fuck that shit.

humans are flawed, why would their machines be perfect?

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alibobo baba

Andddddddddd now he’s afraid of elevators for the rest of his life.

AVI Bhattacharya

Same happened with me when iam 12 years old😂😂😂

kucing putih

he fucking deserve it.. 😖


I had a similar experience... I am still afraid of elevators but i still use them.

🥥Còco-Clive ღ 🥥 (ASMR & Genealogy )

Well he will learn not to put an Umbrella inbetween these doors

Bob Holmes


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In 5th grade, I got stuck in an elevator for 2 hours (luckily with a friend) and it fell from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, and my friend’s arm got hurt pretty bad. No broken bones, maybe just a small sprain. Because of this experience, I’m not even sure if I would call this a free fall either, due to it only going from one floor to another. The kid in the elevator just got lucky. He didn’t experience falling in one. He just got trapped for maybe 20 minutes and was let out.


@Haidyoken Dela Cruz that guy is a genius

Arpit Srivastava

@Haidyoken Dela Cruz 🤣@Pinemelon wouldn't have been here if that would have been the law.🤣

Arpit Srivastava

@BlueSpark those elevators are rarely built. Maybe in expensive places only.

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