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Halifax Lyrics

So tell me now, what do I have to do
To say things that will get through to you
I'll cross my fingers and I'll pray for you
To somehow see this site
Call me more convinced.
Say there's a way to cure this loneliness
With common sense

If I could be anything, I would be medication for you
And everything that you've done wrong
If I could be anything, I would be one medal of honor
For you and everything that you've done right

Call me pathetic, call me what you will
Just please don't leave my side
You're so medicated,
You don't even remember my name
Or I'll bite my fingernails until it hurts no more
To dig you out

Today, a walk to forget,
I'd rather open up this casket, and jump inside
Sleep under the stars, with you tonight
I'd rather be below, than ever be without you
Your funeral can make it hard to breathe, they're few
And far between
The days are seeming shorter, these nights seem so much longer
I'm laying here when I should be there with you


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Comments from YouTube:

Ashley Scesny

2020 and this song still slaps

Dustin Jolley



I killed this cd back in the day in my hyundai accent lolol. The memories....


did you drive with white sunglasses too?

Caffeinated DaVinci

Listened to this album as a kid, but I never had the CD until a couple years ago. I currently kill it in my 06 Hyundai Elantra :)


Dude I feel that

Zackary Aqqad

its on Apple Music and tidal

Gerardo Ferreira

Is the EP, which includes 7 songs, one of them has the same name as the album's title. For some reason it won't let me buy them, they don't appear for me on iTunes.

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The Real World.

Brandon Bolden

Nvm. I found it. It was Austin. I was way off

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