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I Can Almost See You
Hammock Lyrics

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Randy Barker

+m spiz Sounds are integral to our existence. From the beginning of human evolution, sounds have been used to protect us from dangers and guide us, as have all the other senses. As time went on, humans, as the creative, amazing beings we are, discovered melodies in the world around us. Waterfalls, rain, crickets, fire. We later learned to create melodies of our own, using our ingenuity and the objects around us.

Sounds and smells are the most important senses when it comes to abstract things. Smells invoke memories, as the smell centers are heavily linked into the brains memory centers. Sounds can also do this; However, whether there is a scientific reason or not, sounds, in my experience, do something that smell doesn't as effectively. Sounds... stimulate the imagination. They can cause you to place yourself mentally in different states and places. You may imagine yourself doing and feeling things that you may never have before. This song in particular is one of those "out of body" songs. It can push you to think and feel things beyond yourself.

For me this usually is space and time. These types of songs make me sit back and examine how lucky we are to be in this place and at this moment. On this small, oh so delicately balanced planet, in this ever expanding universe, whose ultimate form is ever changing and evolving, as are our own lives, and the people whose lives we touch during them.

Sounds are one of the strongest reminders of who we are, where we are, and who we can become. I have heard so many different songs in my time on this earth, and each one has affected me differently and has made its own addition to who I am, how I think, and where I will go.

I can't help but feel that without music, life would be a lot less beautiful, and a great deal emptier...

Definition of Chill.

We follow our protagonist,
as he reaches the end.
It hasn't been easy,
he's lost many good friends.

The journey he's been on,
cannot be described.
He's finally found peace,
it's been a hell of a ride..


I've grown up alone without knowing anything other than how to pump gas, pay bills, and cope with struggle.

This song brings me back.

To why we're all here.

No one ever told me growing up that just the simplest touch on the shoulder of a stranger...

could mean the WORLD to them.

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At ease.

LaMingo Johnson IV

I started watching your videos when I was about 19. Seeing you comment on here is fucking awesome dude, I’m a big fan of yours!


A great music channel on Youtube.

Deep Elements

This song makes me feel connected to everything... and everyone...  Even in a world filled with so much hate, this beautiful sound takes me to a peaceful place.

IntelMuzik Canada

@steven olvera Amen Brother

steven olvera

Ur comment means more now than ever


when love forgets to call
when life has lost all meaning
when everything goes wrong
let go and just keep breathing...

Zaneta Pachlova


Finlay Hatton

Wow... beautiful


Jake Lare You are a beautiful soul💟

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