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Give a Little Love
Hammond & West Lyrics

Livin' in this crazy world
So caught up in the confusion
Nothin' is makin' sense for me and you.
Maybe we can find a way
there's got to be a solution
how to make a brighter day
what do we do?

We got to give a little love
have a little hope
make this world a little better
try a little more harder than before
let's do what we can do together.
we can really make it better
only if we try.

Got the worries on our minds
got the troubles on our shoulders
sometimes it just seems so much what we got through.
But maybe if we take the time
time to understand each other
we can learn to make it right
what do we do?

ohh lalala - only if we try.

If everybody took somebody by the hand
then maybe ev'ryone could learn to love and understand.
we can really make it better
only if we try.


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Comments from YouTube:


Absolutely positive and warm song, bringing good mood and people together - seems that such kind of message has got lost in today‘s crazy and hateful world

Rick Lane

RIP Albert West <3

Furryfox - Betelgeuse the Fox broadcast

Hope dies last. Great Song ❤️

Vincent Schouten

Rust zacht , Albert ...

Guinea Pig

We need this more than ever but most people seems to given up...

Clarissa Weidner

i love it❤️🤧


Hit #40 in Germany in 1987

Iryna R.

it's so wonderful😍😍😍😍😍


This is a song about impotence and how to deal with it.

Udo Duckwitz

Einfach genial

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