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This I Dig of You
Hank Mobley Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Hank Mobley:

Easy to Love I know too well that I'm just wasting precious time In…
Goin' Out Of My Head Well, I think I'm goin' out of my head Yes, I…
How Deep Is The Ocean How much do I love you? I'll tell you no lie How…
I Married an Angel There's been a change in me! I have a lovely disposition T…
Just You Just Me Just you, just me Let's find a cozy spot To cuddle and…
Reach Out Now if you feel that you can't go on Because…
Reach Out I'll Be There Now if you feel that you can't go on Because…
The Best Things In Life Are Free {Janet} Are you ready? Free, free, baby, Boy, when you loo…
The Breakdown Each time I look at you Is like the first…
The Good Life Every time it rains It rains pennies from heaven Don't you…
The More I See You Each time I look at you is like the first…

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Comments from YouTube:

Randy Gumby

I saw him a lot out on the streets of West Philly, specifically the area of 52nd & Baltimore. The community had no idea who he was. But I recognized him from the Blue Note albums that I had acquired by that time, like No Room for Squares; A Caddy for Daddy; Dippino and many others. Unfortunately, he had seen hard times by then, but it made him feel good that he knew that I knew who he was. It's a shame that he transitioned in relative obscurity, along with another great hard bop Tenorman, Tina Brooks and so many others who mastered their craft only to be unappreciated for their talents. Rest in Power, "Hankenstein", you are not forgotten.

Christophe Gaudissart

you are so lucky man i m born il paris in 1965 so.....not the good place and not the good time ....but music will be all the time here.....i hope you understand because of my english.....

Michael Matthews

I knew a musician who played with him in the 70s' . He had a alcohol problem. Sometimes he would be legendary and other times not even there. Old sad story.
Love this recording anyway.

Joan M James

Hank Mobley was legendary and the smoothest 🎷 player ever! I personally thought he was as good as John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, maybe better! And no one else sounded like him.


drugts played their part unfortunately

Jim Dixon

His final years must be as sad a story as that of any comparable jazz great. To have recorded so much timeless art for 20 years at the very highest levels of the jazz world, and then to transition into years of homelessness...if it was a movie or a novel, you might say "oh, come on...that's overdoing the tragic angle."

Harry The Horse

Every solo on this track is just at the highest level. Wynton Kelly is at his melodic bouncing best, then Mobley's solo keeps building and building and is sure to get me off my chair in pure joy, and Art Blakey's incredible solo just leaves you shaking your head. Wow, what an inspired track. One of the best in jazz recording history IMHO.

Den McD

it is

C. J. Bond

That Wynton Kelly piano solo after Mobley's opening is a gem!!

Michael Marino

You creative.creating

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