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Il Fascismo

@JimboCruntz If you're talking about the "concept" of a minute then that is just pure irrelevance.

Time(actual time, not the concept of "1 minute = 60 seconds) is not constant and a minute here is not as long as a minute elsewhere cause the seconds are also not equally long.

If you are aware of time dilation then you are only bringing up this irrelevant concept cause you got caught lacking and making a mistake and your ego is too big and immature to admit you were wrong.

A dozen of cows is not the same as a dozen of chickens but you are the guy claiming "a dozen is constant cause it is always 12". You look idiotic.

Einstein disagrees with the claim that time is constant. Good luck with that.

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Music is a powerful thing. so. good.

Сержант Реза

Exactly 👍💪

Lucica Van Hulle

What is Faze ?

Mustafa Ali

@Adam Danielsson le

Ben Berkenbosch

It's such an amazing this music. Never thought I was able to start publishing songs myself, that I would even be near that level when I first pressed that key on my piano. But this is my experience, I think everyone has their own. It can create moments like nothing ever imaginable.


But also visual, in this case the two combine perfectly.

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U know this guys is a genius because he wrote a 5 minutes piece made of just 4 chords repeating without sounding boring

Jake S

5 minutes? I have had it on repeat like infinite times.

Il Fascismo

@JimboCruntz Give us the studies that disprove time dilation...I'll be waiting.

Can't believe humans capable of speech can still be this stupid...


@Il Fascismo a dozen is a numeric measurement meaning 12. What do you mean? The only reason the examples you raised are different are the items, not the number.

You're also counting on the fact that Einstein is right and has actually been proven wrong on multiple occasions. People are currently successfully arguing against time dilation because a minute is our measurement and that is the same wherever it is measured. Good luck backing someone whose theories were built over 100 years ago.

Nice try to use insults to win a scientific debate using an outdated argument.

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