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Idle Hands
by Harlem River Drive

You all know the story -- how it all began
It took five days - and then came Man
Oh, the land was free; and so were we
No slavery - to lead the poverty

Idle hands...idle hands...idle hands

Then they rose up fast with their greatest schemes
Just killin' stealin' and taxin' using any means;
To disguise injustice - the so-called progress
And deny our people their right to happiness

Idle hands...idle hands...idle hands

Now things get worse with every year; you can't really live (no, no) when you live in fear
Whatever our efforts - always fail; while the whole world sleeps

Idle hands play

Idle hands...idle hands...idle hands

Now do you have the courage?
Do you have the will?
Do you have the guts, now - to see a dream fulfilled?
Do you wonder why - tell me do you give a damn?
Do you know what's meant by the rights of Man?

Idle hands
Idle hands
Idle hands...

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