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The Plateaux of Mirror
by Harold Budd/Brian Eno

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Sly Slaughter

Some albums travel along and survive your ages. I had a San Francisco apartment high above Haight Street once that overlooked the City, and I'd play this album and stare out the living room window late nights as the fog curled around the Transamerica Pyramid. It was one time I can recall being somewhere with no thought of wanting to be anywhere else. Brian Eno has released dozens of albums since, but I always come back to this one with pianist Harold Budd. Now that I live in a Southern village, it's more of a portal to possible worlds, or an invitation to go to my own piano to conjure and dream. Yet I am somehow always looking out that Clayton Street window.

Sly Slaughter

@Lawrence Bottorff This is so, Lawrence, or as Roxy Music once sang "Ain't That So...?"". Sounds like we criss-crossed some. Wild, wild life!

Lawrence Bottorff

@Sly Slaughter To contrast, I chased the whole Berlin thing in the middle of my SF era. Went there in 1989, lived through the Wall coming down up to reunification. Did manage to get a big chunk of the Wim Wenders Wings of Desire vibe. (Now a pillar of my life!) However, WoD's music did not really capture what I found in Berlin. I can't say Bowie did either. Nor Lou Reed. Bowie and Reed missed wide. Maybe again Eno when he was with Roedelius. So yes, Rodelius is the best music ambassador-conveyor for the old Berlin, of which I caught the tail-end of. Ironically, I met a lot of people who were doing the SF-Berlin back-and-forth, mainly Germans. Funny that... Back to SF, I was there from 1987 to 1992 -- with that Berlin year-long sabbatical. And yet I found pre-tech-boom SF to already be fairly vapid, people-wise, at least on the surface. You had to delve deeper . . . then you would begin to find very good things, people. But on the surface, SF in that era was really beginning to fill up with, be dominated by vapid urban hipsters. Alas, sign of the times I guess. Wherever you go these days you have to work hard at finding the real place and the real vibe and the occasional Bruno Ganz angel.

Sly Slaughter

@Lawrence Bottorff It sure could in those days, Lawrence. When I occassionally return for musical jobs (not enough!) I still find ghosts of that ethereal magic, bt just ghosts of memory projected Enough to have had it. Eno, the Diva soundtrack, so many gems, but Plateaux...yeow

Lawrence Bottorff

I don't know why, but Eno/Budd also brings me back to SF. My location would be a more Nobb Hill or Coit Tower vibe, though. But definitely SF. No other place in my life syncs up like E/B and SF. In general, SF could be dreamlike otherworldly.


Your reflection is as beautiful and timeless as the music. Thanks.

Vinny Macias

This song is so deep with emotional weight. I recently visited, or should I say, walked past my grandparents old house. So many memorable family gatherings at the house and backyard pool. Listening to this song, it's as if the sounds of those days still lingered in the windy trees around the house. I always remembered as a kid observing my aunts and uncles who were, at that time, close to the age I am now, and me thinking how crazy it would be that I would eventually be their age. How fleeting time can be. Thank you, Brian Eno, for creating music that means so much!

El Rey

This makes me feel like I've traveled back in time to my "best days"

Vinny Macias


Massimo Manghi

This album takes me back to 1980 to the intense and astonishing discoveries I was making learning the Lagrange and Hamilton formulation of the classical equations of motion. What a beautiful adventure being a student of Physics

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