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by Harry Gregson-Williams

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ok.. Time to play Medieval 2 kingdoms...

God of Empire

@Teuton 29 it will man. It will.

Teuton 29

@God of Empire There won't be a medieval 3... ;_;

God of Empire

Time for Medival 3 guys... Medival 3 with using that epic shit of music.

Teuton 29

New Stronghold Crusader lobby theme

Teuton 29

Knights fohwad!

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It's crazy to think the conflict in the Middle-East as been going on since men suited up in armor and forged swords.


@Abu Hamza Alsafadi I mean, im not wrong though. After Muhammad died, you swept through all of Arabia, down into India, all through Egypt and north Africa, even invaded and occupied most of Spain and the Balkins. Im not wrong here. Besieged Vienna twice.

Chad Alphabeta

@CM99501 exactly it was Non-arab Jewish land , most jews converted to christianity after Jesus was crucified and risen , then Palestine/israel spent almost 600 years as a Christian nation untill the arab muslims invaded in the 7th century and occupied it .

Chad Alphabeta

muslim arabs invaded and colonized the holy lands just to strike the heart of christianity and judeism and seize their holliest sites and put them under islam's control .. the muslim armies then attacked all of christianity's major capitols in the middle east , asia minor and North africa ( alexandria , jerusalem , antioch , Constantinople ..etc.. ) all fell .. then the muslim armies layed seige on Europe from the east and south relentlessly attempting to invade it .. Europe managed to break through the seige after 400 years and finaly shifted from deffense to offense and retaliated with the crusades to liberate the once christian Levant and holy lands from the muslim arabs(saracens) who have occupied it and who were exterminating the indigenous christian population through systematic ethnic cleansing by massacres and periods of cruel persecution .. alas the crusades failed and europe would be locked under seige again for a thousand more years

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