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Bring That Thing
Harry Manx Lyrics

you swore i'd find some heaven
tryin to save your face
but i need some lovin girl
no no i have it,
just you decorate your place

dog my cat can't you scrath that itch
things were just so much more simple
when we didn't have a stitch

bring that thing oh back home
bring that thing oh oh back home

well lord i need forgiveness
for the methods i use
i believe i believe i can overcome them
well i'm talkin bout the blues

these hard times they're sinkin
down just like a stone
but you oh lord don't start prayin
cause you gonna make it home

bring that thing oh oh back home
bring that thing oh oh back home

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Comments from YouTube:


Soulful and evocative ... mournful blues. Quite simply, this is one of the best performances I've heard.


The ending,about 4:10,is probably the most beautiful lap-steel improvisation/solo ,i've heard in my life.Sweet raga,Harry Manx is the man!!!!!


Awesome talent - would be good to see him in NZ some day


Harry does the most incredible cover of Foxy Lady on a banjo!! You wouldn't believe how good it is!!


Such an original. I'm going to see Harry tomorrow in St. Albert and am preparing myself by listening to his 'Road Ragas' album over and over.


Ooops my mistake. He does an incredible banjo version of the "thrill is gone". HIs version of Foxy lady on the slide steel guitar blues style is unbelievable!!! Every thing he does is great!! he is a true artist and muscian

Steve McDonald

Truly a unique musician. A little bit o Canada, a little bit o India, all with a healthy dose o delta soulfulness.

Pal Al

Saw him live at the Elora Festival. In the world of Folk and Blues, Harry cuts his own path.

barry freedman

just saw harry in montreal, at the jazz festival. many sold out shows. really great. enjoyed so much. standing ovation. will see again, hopefully.


wow trop fort se mec la ....... en show c'est de la dynamite :P:P VIVE HARRY MANX

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