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Baby Blue
Head Control System Lyrics

Answer, burn, (?)
Shackles or face down underground
Your breath brakes (?)
Open your mouth and swallow (?)

And the beauty,


Blue-spotted baby
Become, be gone
Baby body blue
Become, be gone

Open the
Crazy colors cherish children, nothing
Personal, psychotic ghetto home
With everything you could ever wish for

Anything you'd ever want
Broken down

The beauty,
Baby, boo


Blue-spotted baby
Become, be gone
View TV, consume

Before the sun
The big black circle in the sky open cold
Nobody knows
Oh, no color in and there ain't no movement (?)

No color
No movement
No baby

There's no way out
It's all the same
Crime and punishment
Sin or nature, it begins and it ends

Please, hear me
Or tear me
From the world
Smashed to pieces
And bits
And we pay

Contributed by Taylor B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Music lover

Amazing album in my collection, thanks for vid.

Jester of Destiny

Did I just find good alternative metal?


this rocks

Pieter Kokx

This music is friggin good, but also friggin weird. Damn, i can't decide at all if i like this XD.


I'm yet to enjoy any side project involving that garm guy from Arcturus and Ulver. However, I'm always drawn to check out the next one just in case I'll like it. This, for me is nothing special at all. I guess I might be still caught up in my infatuation with Arcturus' 'Aspera Hiems Symfonia' and Ulver's 'bergtatt'. Those were the days...

C Razvan

thanks for posting these vids


reminds me of faith no more and tool to a certain extent

zonnet ahumada

Kristoffer Garm you are a God! tHANK U for your mjuzik!


@AKRIDASGAMWEKSOGIINI Garm left Arcturus because they wanted to tour more and because he felt they couldn't top The Sham Mirrors in such a short period of time. There's an interview floating around somewhere where he talks about it at length


Maybe not so much Tool more like A Perfect Circle?

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