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Un Bal
Hector Berlioz Lyrics

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Chess Warrior

2:14 And then she enters the room.


playing this when drunk is amazing, feels like I'm flyingg!!!

Luidgii Catpattes

What instrument?

India Heath

Having to listen to this repeatedly in class for Leaving Cert. Music has actually made me enjoy listening to it. It's like trying a new food, it takes a few goes of it to get a taste for it.
I wonder if I'll enjoy other classical music like this without having studied it?

Katie Farrell

Definitely, listen to Debussy it’ll change your life

Harp Irish

Try pictures at an exhibition by Mussorgsky. Another dramatic work like the symphonie fantastique. Enjoy!

jack flood

i really disagree im doing it right now for lc and it isSHIT STICK

RMC Shakes

+India Heath true its a good piece, the same can't be said for sea changes tho....

Musume H.K

(J'apprends ça à l'école en ce moment aha) Je crois que les artistes romantiques créent une musique qui transcrit leurs sentiments à eux-même. Comme ici, où Berlioz 'racontait' l'amour qu'il éprouvait pour une femme, et ses peurs, ses colères etc... Cette oeuvre est romantique car Berlioz l'a écrite pour y intégrer ses propres sentiments. Je crois que c'est à peu près ça hein

Jules Lamotte

Musume H.K ok

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