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Happy Home
by Hedegaard

Mama called about the paper turns out they wrote about me
Now my broken heart's the only thing that's broke about me
So many people should have seen what we got going on
I only wanna put my heart and my life in songs
Writing about the pain I felt with my daddy gone
About the emptiness I felt when I sat alone
About the happiness I feel when I sing it loud
He should have heard the noise we made with the happy crowd
Did my grandaddy know he taught me what a poem was
How you can use a sentence or just a simple pause
What will I say when my kids ask me who my daddy was
I thought about it for a while and I'm at a loss
Knowing that I'm gonna live my whole life without him
I found out a lot of things I never knew about him
All I know is that I'll never really be alone
'Cause we gotta lot of love and a happy home

Magazines are writing stuff but I don't ever read them
Some of the folks I used to know would see and start believing
That I would pass them by on streets and never reach to greet them
I still remember folks even though I rarely meet them
Don't you know I miss the times when we used to hang
Before twenty deep depended on a single man
Before a single heart was broken by a single blow
Before all our careers depended on a single show
I grew up with a lot of love in a happy home
Now I got a lot of cash and I'm on a road
I realize privacy's becoming difficult
It's all right now but what about when I'm old
I know my good friends now they'll last
The same ones that stood by me when my daddy past
All I know is that we'll never really be alone
'Cause we got a lot of love and a happy home

I write a lot of songs will anybody ever read them
You hear them on the radio but will you really read them
Why do we have our idols and why do we wanna be them
After we see them on TV we really wanna meet them
Don't you think they miss the time when they used to hang
Before a fan base depended on a single man
Before a single heart was broken by a single show
Who's gonna stand who's gonna fall I really wanna know
I grew up with a lot of love in a happy home
My daddy use to play me vinyl but now daddy's gone
I used to practice with my mommy on the piano
I still get nervous every time I know she's at a show
Now my family comes first before everyone
I had the perfect dad I wanna be the perfect son
Though I really feel sometimes I am on my own
I know I got a lot of love and a happy home

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Comments from YouTube:

Jason Cheung

My dad passed away 2.5 years ago. I was just about to go to bed at my dormitory at the University when I received the call from my mum. Raced to the hospital but couldn't get there before he left. No tears were shredded. Did not shred a single tear. Don't know whether if it was me not comprehending that he was really gone for good or if our relationship were just not that strong but I didn't really feel anything. For these past 2 years, I've graduated, got a job, and experienced a whole lot of other things. There are moments when I just feel 'I wish dad was here doing this with me or witnessing this' but I never shred a tear for him. Heard this song a few days ago when I was listening to the radio. Didn't really pay attention but I liked the rhythm. Searched for the lyrics and BAM. I don't know if it just fits perfectly into me or if I am projecting myself into the song, but its exactly how I am feeling. The only difference is: I now know who my daddy was, or is: he was my shelter and my lighthouse that I took for granted. He supported me and gave me the chance to be who I am. I miss you dad.


4 years later. hope you have a great life, and that you will at some point have kids. who you love and they love you. see you again in 4 years. then i am graduated and can start on my story!

Charles Freedom

I’m sure you dad is looking down from heaven with pride in his heart. Keep it up, I’m inspired by your determination!

Mitchell Makiwa

Jason Cheung

Terrel Moses

Man you can type but we all go threw things and I have gone threw a lot of things and I am only ten but the point is we all go threw things and we will get threw them you will to and I am sorry for your lose


as long as you keep staying strong

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Shaza Trim

Who else came here just because of Lukas Graham?

W. W. Frank

I did

Mandy Douglas




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