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Helen Jane Long Lyrics

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Joseph McDaniel

This is still the most beautiful song I’ve heard in my life. Years later I’m still back here. It’s perfect.

ray whatley

She has a great ear for composing such wonderful melodies and memorable works on piano. A true artist.

Eric Scionti

Found this with my girlfriend randomly on pandora in 2011...i remember that same year we were watching Full Metal Alchemist and discovered on this very video the intro tune was from it. She died in 2017 in a car wreck...and a piece of me with her. Im here to remember...

Re Lax

@Gift of God So sorry. I just heard the song on Pandora today in 2022. It's a soothing song.


So sorry for your loss, hope you have been able to heal.

Nanette Smith

she is with you here

Gift of God

I'm so sorry for you, maybe this song will also heal something. Courage to you, God is with you


this song is so amazing. At school today my teacher was playing classical music on Pandora, trying to get our inspiration flowing, and when this song came up I just HAD to ask her what the name was, cause it was that amazing.

Tim Ogden

I've just listened to this 10x today after first hearing it last night. It sounds so familiar even though it is not. What beauty. Can't get enough.

Ashley Culver

I love how the music has no lyrics... it doesn't have a set tone or feel to it. It leaves it open to the listener and affects each of us differently. Truly a piece of art and truly the work of a true artist.

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