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Helen Jane Long Lyrics

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Ashton Mikael Bird

first time i listened to this song i cried

Henry Shaun Louis Potter

I feel calm


@Tim Ogden deep

Tim Ogden

I'm crying right now. So much beauty in so little time.


Im more of a Rap, Metal kind of guy but, something about this song keeps me wanting to listening to it almost once a day.
Wierd huh? Total opposites.

Maya R.

Well, opposites do attract!

Jeff Tokich

I re made this song into a beat if anyone wants to listen

Michael Bergwell

It's ok to like rap, metal, piano, and anything else! Anyone that claims to dislike an entire genre of music is simply not giving it a chance!


opposites attract

jjj gonzo

MrAztecX i listen to this every nite on a playlist of 4 classical songs and by the time thier done im snoring lol

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