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Helen Jane Long Lyrics

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Wesley Lott

I've been playing guitar for 4 years and piano for 3 years and I realize that this piece is pretty simple and it may not take much musical talent to PLAY it; however creating it, now that is a different story.

Ilan Pandore

That’s why I believe in what call “destiny”, a song chooses a person to give birth to it, not any talent/super/greatest composer chooses a song to give birth to....and that’s why I believe heaven is real

Tim Blucher

Dont be fooled by simplicity. Ive played some pieces on the spot, written them out then came back later to play them and had to actually learn the song.

Ashton Mikael Bird

first time i listened to this song i cried




@Tim Ogden deep

Tim Ogden

I'm crying right now. So much beauty in so little time.

Eric Scionti

Found this with my girlfriend randomly on pandora in 2011...i remember that same year we were watching Full Metal Alchemist and discovered on this very video the intro tune was from it. She died in 2017 in a car wreck...and a piece of me with her. Im here to remember...

Gift of God

I'm so sorry for you, maybe this song will also heal something. Courage to you, God is with you


Thats sad im crying

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