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Bless This Morning Year
Helios Lyrics

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Shaun p

im seperated by different portions of my mind that i have created
im okay with hating me but to no degree am i okay with being hated
im afraid to say this addiction is me
this sensation of pain is amazing
and whether or not my brain keeps on racing
i still find a reason to pick at my cravings
i need to restate this
the addiction is me
im depicting the sea
all the weight of the waves that my father had faced
and i'm finding it hard to relieve every crave
i slip into this bliss
then i tear it away
i swear this history seems to repair my mistakes
i'm reliving the scenes when i cherished the days
i was barely fazed now i carry this weight
oh these fairy tales will never stay the same

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step1: get a big enough bathtub step2: fill it up with water 37deg Celsius step3: add lots of salt step4:put this song on your waterproof earphones step5: float on water with lights out step6: reach nirvana


Repeat every now and then for a blissful overall life experience.


This music makes me want to die and be reborn at the same time.

Tyler Patel

Take mushrooms

Johnny B Goode

+PatrickAndFriendsPRO that sounds very quantum mechanics.


Ha! ha! That made me laugh :)) along with that face !


This album, and this song in particular is extremely therapeutic for me. I've been listening to it every day driving to my job in the early morning at 4 am and every time I drive home. Each time I listen to it, the stress just washes away and, like someone else said in the comments section, is awesome for early mornings. This music is not from this planet. This is my recent go-to album any time I'm feeling overwhelmed with something and to just take a breather and experience this beautiful masterpiece, from start to finish.

Patrick C.

I don't know if you're Male or female but I send hearts ❤

Aaron Timm

If you aren't being serious I'm gonna kick your ass

Don Koh

@Tuck - - forget that Charlie Troll simply releasing methane from a farm somewhere . Honestly, that arrogant douche sounds deceptive. Fascist. Not like 85% humanity .

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