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Nirvana for Mice
Henry Cow Lyrics

Sweet mystery of life I will remember
Sweet mystery of life I will re...

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Comments from YouTube:


wonderful composition!!!! 
I love this kind of prog!!!

Bob Green

Mine too. Is that you, Javier?

Aguirre II

First two photos are Mr.Geoff Leigh, one of my friends on Facebook, hehe!


I loved this band in 1973, and still do! Saw them a few times too. Brilliant!


@FiddlerNick Saw them again a few years ago in Huddersfield after Lindsay Cooper died. Fred signed my copy of Guitar Solos for me! I was chuffed like a 15 year old once again!


Yep me too. Hardcore end of prog and a very unusual bunch but made some stonking albums. I love them all except Western Culture, which oddly I don't yet get even now! I think punk rock happened and got between that one and In Praise of Learning, which may have done something to my brain!

Aguirre II

Sounds great!

Jake Fettes

Fun fact: The middle section is in 21/8!

Carlos Molina-Rodriguez

Una verdadera obra maestra.

Mo Liga

Great!!Henry Cow a legend of prog rock music!

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