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Henry Purcell Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Dimar Pesstgt

Love Purcell, the Source of Joy!

Настя Скулкова

I olso love him very much!)

Philip Madden

My favourite is 'Now Does the Glorious Day Appear'. It is simply- glorious!

Paul Wusteman

Agreed!!! Listen to where a superb San Diego group are giving it some welly! The whole ode. If you have only a few minutes, take in the first chorus as well and the final overture and chorus to soak up the joy that Purcell brings

Neptalí Monroy

Purcell is God, I love him.

Jay Jayjay

too many ads!!

Jinny Mudlark

Thank you for posting.

Настя Скулкова

Слушая эту полную энергии, яркую и вместе с тем изящную музыку, понимаешь, за что Генри называли божественным Пёрселлом и британским Орфеем.))

Asaad Naeem

very cool thank you

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