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The Bottle
Hermano Lyrics

You're running around with the girl, man
She's taking you the wrong way
Take a breath and ride the clouds
There's gonna be a better day
And to the top of the world will you be
And to the bottom of the ocean you'll see
You'll see
Then you'll see
You're all mine
The end of time
You're gonna roll
The sky is all you need to know
Cuz you're fucking around with the bottle man
She's taking you the wrong way
Take a smoke and ride to hell
There's gotta be a better way
And to the top of her head you'll be
And to the top of her head can you see
Can you see
Can you be
You're all mine
The end of time
You're gonna roll
The sky is all you'll need to know

Writer(s): David Angstrom, Steven V. Brown, John Garcia, Michael J. Callahan Copyright: Roadgnat Music, Proud To Be A Mexican Music, Stanalisa Music, Superloud Music

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Comments from YouTube:


John Garcia preserves the Kyuss sound way better than any other former members of the band.

Franklin O'Neal

StyrbjornStarke as it should be !


Been playing this everyday for a week now. I keep coming back. Just soooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooood


This is top-notch stoner rock, congratulations to all who made it here!


@Gene Bone also unrelated to kyuss a hippie already had called monster magnet drugs rock so there's also that and it's not all about kyuss. Stoner rock still is, to me, the last living breath of some good ol rock music for weird people and for that I'm satisfied already


@Gene Bone eh, that's one way of seeing it. Now how most other names or mostly anything related to music & youth culture in general wouldn't also be "dumb" by the same token is beyond me. It's just that some things have an organical nature to them, same way things were transformed over the years, names come and go, it really doesn't matter that much. Skateboarding tricks for examplo take it to extremes, ppl started doing stuff, gave it a name or ppl around started calling something something, and that's it, beautifully simple.


@Gene Bone why?

Carlos Rodriguez

Suenan muy bien hijos, bendecidos por el de arriba


What a tune, excellent!

Growit Yerself

I remember getting this when it came out and there was a compilation sample disc with High On Fire. Discovering new bands was awesome before the internet really took off.

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