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Heroes Of Might And Magic V Lyrics

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He who entertains

I remember staying on the main menu for this song and to see that Inquistor battling the Archdevil, good times.


Ahy es, my child hood... golden times...


@Pamela May nigga are you trying to make people hate you intentionally

Mikael Andersson

@Fabien Reignoux I dident like the chunky model it had in H5. I liked it better at H3.

Iker Apellidos

@Wax_ Simulacra and the pit lords summon fireballs😂😂

Richard Denson

Do you know where I can find that trailer music?

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The text is DIES IRAE, the ancient Roman Catholic text for the blessing of the dead. It is in ancient latin. Enjoy! Paul Anthony Romero (the composer!)

Alonso de Hojeda

Thank you for your work!

Jbail02 02

Wow i didnt know how popular this is in movies and games, never really noticed


@Tylon27 the melody is also the "Dies Irae" which has been around since at least the 14th century. It gets used a lot to create a feeling of unease in the listener. The theme to "The Shining" is a prime example of this

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