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Battle Theme 2
Heroes of Might and Magic II Lyrics

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Sephiwolf 44

When I hear this, it fills me with a sense of hope. It always has. I always think of taking an army of small strength against enemies that should decimate you. Sure you survive with few troops, but then you go and build up your force again, this time more than before. A new foe presents themselves before you, and with courage you strive on into battle with a battle cry. You hear the screech of one of your Griffins or the roar of your Minotaur. The wind howls for a moment as your troops all move into position before the might of the opposing general. The rivial's Vampire Lords hiss at you as your bear artifacts that can boost your Crusaders damage. This day will decide the course of your history. Will you prevail and prove your Hero is a worthy general?

Древний Танкист

When I hear this, I have a feeling of last stand, fight to win against all odds, when soldiers,who in this battle will become true demons of war, have nothing to lose, their morale is unbreakable, prepared to die in their glorious hour, sound of horn and war drum signs that only one army will stand,no other alternatives.

Alevtina Mikhailov

Its got sadness,hope,wishes,struggle and twinkle little stars.


Peasants attack dragons, dealing 90 damage
Dragons attack peasants, dealing UNGODLY amounts of damage

Древний Танкист

@Gebunator UNGODLY NUMBERS of peasants perish)


I was expecting people to recognize the combat text in HOMMII

Jim Huffman

What did you expect Black Dragons are the most powerful unit in the game. Whereas the Peasants are next to worthless unless they're in uncountably huge numbers


not when my 5000 peasants attack the dragon. strenght in numbers hahar


Да, это гениальнейшая в своей простоте и красоте музыка, господа

Николай Вайзеонер

реву как сучка от эпичности этой музыки

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