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Fortress Town
Heroes of Might and Magic III Lyrics

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velichka nikolova

Facts about Fortress
1: Its the eaziest town to build
2: The only town except Necropolis which can tear apart powerful Level 7 units with lower tier creature the Mighty Gorgon
3: Without a doubt the most annoying town for any kind of enemy
4: Its hella tanky
5: Its music gives goosebumps
6: The only town except Stronghold which would kick your butt on the map without any spells but only a brute force and defense
7: The Hell Hydra is 1 of the most powerful Level 8s in the game if you play WOG, it can even takes down a Rust Dragon
8: Its heroes sometimes have so long move that you gonna be mad at your opponent who uses Fortress while you're stuck in a swamp terrain with your best hero and lose.
9: They are the only town which can build with a 100% chance a Level 6 unit's building in the very first week on the very first month on a map
10: Resurrection in their strongest character could tear apart Necropolis and Stronghold like an army of Imps

Toti Takřeknu

1. Stronghold had that crystal issue, before it was fixed in HOTA. Now it is equal.

3. Fortress creatures lvl 3+ have unique abilities, that apply with every attack or counterattack (some with % chance, but still everytime). Even the last basilisk can change the result of battle with blink of an eye:-) That is a lot of things to consider during the fight, so I second velichkas statement.
4. Stronghold is not meant to be tanky, and it is not. HP is ok, units hit hard, but defence is low.
5. Yes.
6. Stronghold is my favourite town too:-) But it is not better.

9. All dwellings of Stronghold and Fortress can be built without any other structure (except fort ofc.), so they have the fastest development.
10. No clue.


Full disagree,
1 - no it's stronghold
2 - the only good thing about this town
3 - Castle
4 - Stronghold is tankier. Half the units in this town are made of paper
5 - Music is great in this game all around
6 - That's right, Stronghold is just straight up better than this town
7 - lol Hydra is so garbage, so slow, so low damage, not even that tough
8 - Okay sure in a specific example of terrain this town is okay
9 - Full disagree here, Stronghold can reliably pump out Behemoths week 1 or 2
10 - This town has no resurrection what are you talking about?

Hardcore Remixer

What do you mean by "activate wondows"? Is Heroes 3 acutally dangerous for Windows?

I have a free downloaded version which used to fuck the heck out of my old Windows XP. I played it on Windows 7 too and had no problems except for some images not appearing in the Wog version. Since then I play it on Windows 7 in VirtualBox.

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And most important: Fortress have a BADASS theme music.

Savage Source

@mehtican günay Oh I see. Well, Fortress has better composed music overall if you ask me.

mehtican günay

@Savage Source I compared their music .

Savage Source

@mehtican günay The Fortress is neither better nor worse than Stronghold. Fortress is a defense oriented town while Stronghold is offense oriented. Just cannot be compared with each other.

mehtican günay

Is the Fortress better Stronghold?


They all do, honestly.

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Роман Избышев

"Oh, no! I won't activate my Windows..." — this is how to play the Fortress.

L Lien

I love how he points out that basilisks are great for blocking units, then proceeds to have them block his own units twice.

Jason Newsted

That fight gave me cancer, and I by no means think I can play this game.
Sorry mate, you just blocked basilisks with gorgons, then found out about that and blocked gorgons with basilisks. And THEN you just waited in the same spot

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