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Yer Spring
Hey Rosetta! Lyrics

Long we were searching
These serpentine streets for the signs of a spark
Fucking around in the dark
Then long we were held
In the thrum and the desperate heat of the clubs
Drinking deep from that cup

We'd drink it up

Each step was something
The beat in the blood and the heat in our hands
Of twelve regular men
So when we come down cathedral street
Hollow and beaten, to the room that I rent
I'm going back up again

I'm going up

But while everything is blooming
You know the wilting always waits
To steal away your body, to steal away your brains

Oh man I hate this part,
When the car sails off the bridge
Am I the knuckles white inside? or am I the water rushing in?

Am I rising up?

Silent night, holy night
Take my eyes, take my mind and lay me down!
Oh! sweet winter kiss on these heavy lids!
Sweet winter gift of dreamless sleep, lay me down! draw me out!

Doctor unbandage my eyes
I feel the light and I'm ready to be out in it
Doctor uncover my ears
I hear the chorus weeping, I see the people singing:
Doctor unbandage my eyes
I feel the light and I'm ready to be rising!
Doctor uncover my ears!
I hear the chorus weeping! I see the people singing:

Let the loser up.
Let's get him up.

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Timothy John Baker

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Comments from YouTube:

Ashton Hynes

The only way I can really describe Hey Rosetta! to anyone who asks is... More than any other band I've ever heard, they set my heart on fire. Their lyrics embody so many feelings you know to be true your whole life but can never put into words, about how beautiful life is and how much everything matters... Tim's singing is so heart rendering sincere and dropping with every feeling I just described, instrumentally they are SO perfect, layered, powerful.. It's impossible to listen to a Hey Rosetta! song and feel numb. I'm so proud of these guys

Caio Castelhano

"They set my heart on fire": that's great. Best definition!


Ashton Hynes amen


That's it. So lucky to meet them in paris two years ago

Eliza Hope Cajilig

i wholeheartedly agree :')

Megan Hunter

Hey Rosetta, keeping Canadian music at its best. 


The way that girl lights up after Tim kisses her at 0:55 just gets me every time.


Who is she?


In terms of emotional arc and emotional impact, I find it hard to imagine a more perfect song than this, particularly the section from 2:08 to 2:38.


@Zalis116 That's the section that pushed this song over the edge for me into "so gorgeous I could weep"-territory.

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