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The Land Beloved By The Goddess
Hiroki Morishita Lyrics

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Max Richards

Great Tree Moon, Three Houses
Harpstring Moon, Familiar scenery
Garland Moon, Mutiny in the mist
Blue Sea Moon, The goddess’s rote of rebirth
Verdant Rain Moon, Tower of black winds
Horsebow Moon, Rumors of a reaper
Wyvern Moon, Field of the Eagle and lion
Red Wolf Moon, The Flame in the darkness
Ethereal Moon, The Cause of Sorrow
Guardian Moon, Where the goddess dwells
Pegasus Moon, Throne of knowledge
Lone Moon...
Outset of a power struggle

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Daniel Morris

Jeralt's narration sounds like a dad who's tired of rereading the same bedtime story every single night, and I love it.


I’m surprised a lot of you didn’t know it was Jeralt

Hans Gretl

@Carlos Mendoza I think in the Japanese version it's Aelfric's voice actor.





Like when he says the route name i feel like jeralt and his voice actor should be the readers for audible like hos voice is so calm

Carlos Mendoza

Even the japanese voices have jeralt and the narrator voiced by the same person if I remember correctly, not sure though

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Matcha Mochi

I love that the narrator is Jeralt, because it makes the endings of the routes that much sweeter. A father beyond the grave reading out what his child has accomplished and their legacy for years to come.

Tanker Minion

David Lodge deserves all the awards for this storytelling.


Imagine playing in English 🤢

Anthony Strangio

If I ever need a narrator for something I know who I’m getting

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