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Are We Still Married?
His Name Is Alive Lyrics

Are we still married
Are we still?
I'm kinda getting shot at
I'm kinda getting hurt
I'm tired of all the blood dear

I'm tired of getting hurt
In pieces unfamiliar
It shatters all the world
Crashing down moments
Will this tear us in two?


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Roland Escamirosa

Are we still married?
Are we still?

Kinda getting shot at
Kinda getting hurt
Tired of all the blood dear
Tired of getting hurt

Pieces unfamiliar
Shatters all the world
Crashing down moments
Will this tear us in two?

Though I'm still alive
I feel no longer whole
Deep and darkened crevasse
Bottom of our soul

Are we still married?
Are we still?
Are we still married?

This version remixed by This Mortal Coil
best song ever yup yup

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This song /video has haunted me since I first saw it on Much Music back when I was a kid. Pre-internet, so I saw it one time and had to wait YEARS until I could see it again. It blows my mind that HNIA isn't a bigger deal, some of the finest and weirdest shit, doesn't sound like anything else...


I heard their track "Home" on some soundtrack for a film called "Joyride" (not the Paul Walker one) that I bought at one of our areas 2 used record shops (that have long since departed) in the 90's as a teen. Beautiful track - look it up, for those who haven't heard it. It reminds me of a creepy old backwoods Baptist church song from the late 1800's-1920's, but I could never find out if it was a HNIA original or exceptionally atmospheric cover, a la "In the Pines" or "House of the Rising Sun". If anyone knows anything, I'd be very appreciative. It's a song that's haunted me for over two decades, but is also disturbingly relatable - irrespective of era or source of origin. It always hits me deeply, now more so than ever... I don't get the "modern"/"present" time, or feel at peace within its increasingly bizarre, depressing confines and techno-claustrophobia...

Multani Lover of Beer

I saw this on MM as well tripping on acid for the first time. It haunted me for years until disl up internet


Im listening to the whole album rn. the previous song before this one is literally about schizophrenia. This band preceded Tool


I just discovered this video nov 2019 on Thanksgiving and i am shocked its not somthingg more popular :) perfectly goth

J. Montrice

I remember seeing this when I was 15 interning at the Dali Museum and being freaked out for months after, 10 years later and its still freaky hope I don’t have nightmares tonight

Chris Marshall

took me forever to find this... didn't know the name of the group or video... very interesting video and lyrics. both depressing and scary

Odette Gordon

The brothers who did this animation also did the work in the film Frida.Captivating. Love HNIA. Why people disappear....

Luis Vázquez Martínez

the name of the group is "HIs name is alive".


Same for everyone. We are a dark cult.

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