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Feel Good
Hocus Pocus Lyrics

Bass, bass, bass, bass
Groove like that
Everybody feels good
Yes, yes, yeah, yeah
Ya, ya-ya

Scratch posé ou speed double time
Passant l'(?) au (?), je (?)
Scratchant les battements
Traquant les accents jusqu'au moindre craquement
Creusant le sillon jusqu'à la feutrine
Et si ça saute, et si ça saute
Et si ça saute, ça finit en backspeed
Atom, Greem, Pfel, 20Syl
Les phalanges crispées sur le vinyles
Practice avec un... Freestyle avec un...
Si tu remixes ce son DJ, pitch pas trop ma voix
(?) L'a-cappella-a-a-a-a-a...

Yes, yes, yeah, yeah
Ya, ya-ya

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Actually, C2C are 4, and 2 of them are the founders of Hocus Pocus.

Pía Vergara

Love it sooo soooo much! from chile!


I try with an online translator it can give you an idea. 1:46 : "Digging the groove up to the lightweight felt, and if it jump, and if it jump, and if he jump" *vinyl jumps* "it ends in backspin" *backspin*. "Atom, Greem, Phel, 20syl, phalanges wrinkled on the vinyl" *scratch* "Practice with a" *scratch* "Freestyle with a" *scratch* "DJ, if you remix this record, please, dont pich my voice too much" *voice piched* "Dont hesitate to cut the acapella" *acapella is cut*


Peace from MTL this sound is just so good man, holy shit nice fkn job dude

Really With Cream



keep on scratching!credits from Greece!

Vltd Valentinardem

J'adore ! Alors la chapeau l'artiste . - tonton, Beauf


i'm spanish and I do really love this song, it's simply amazing, such a perfect combination between two great artists!


Déjà que c'est hyper jouissif pour un non-connaisseur, mais j'imagine même pas pour un DJ comment ça doit être...

dim kasher

You can find this track on the "73 touches" LP released by HOCUS POCUS in 2005
Naoned en force

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