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Spartan Phalanx
Holy Martyr Lyrics

We... we are the men with blades of bronze
We... we have the Lambda on our shields
May given to kill
Don't need any war cries,
To rush the blood to our heads

Three Hundred men, the Elite Guard
You can't stop the

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17 Persians press the dislike.

Цска фанатик-RBW

28 turkomongols anarchocommunists press the dislike

Grandis Satyrus

27 :P


χα χα καλο!!

Jimmy Mavros

I could write this in Greek but i think it's better for all to read...
Two and a half millenia ago, these men gave their lives to protect what they valued the most; Freedom. Legend has it that when they descended to Hades, they were not allowed to drink from the water of oblivion, in order never to forget what they did. The only mortals who never forgot... Till this very day, songs are written for them, and what i come to believe, if there is immortality, well, this is it. 2500 years after you pass, people sing about you and admire you. Hail. Με αγάπη ρε παιδιά.

George Krutz

Proud to be Spartan -Proud to be Ellinas - ZHTO 25 MAPTIOU


Μας άφησαν χωρίς ασπίδες ...
Μας έσπασαν τα τίμια όπλα μας ...
Μας καταρράκωσαν το ηθικό ...
Μας προσέβαλλαν τα όσια και ιερά μας ...

Άντρες, εμπρός ... Τσακίστε τους ... Με τα γυμνά σας χέρια!

Anna Schwarze

The song is amazing. I'm half Greek and every time I listen to it it makes me feel very proud.


italy and greece

Fabrizio Marongiu

hellenic heavy metal from the island of Sardinia.

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