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I Want You Back
Hoodoo Gurus Lyrics

I can still recall the time
She said she was always mine
Then she left (as people do),
And forgets what we've been through
(Does this sound familiar to you?)
It's not that she's gone away
It's the things I hear she has got to say
About me, and about my friends
When we've got no defense.

That's her, I'll never believe her again.
She might have deceived all my friends
I know they will see in the end
What it all means when she says (yeah!)
I want you back (She says)

But what's worse: she thinks it's true
But that's just her (she always was a little bit confused!)
She's not worth the time I had to lose.


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The Noble One

This band from down under (Australia, mate) seemingly never got any attention. Man isn't this one of the most brilliant songs ever. I'm an American and it breaks my heart that this song is almost unheard of. It should have been a hit. It's like one of those secret things in the forest you find once in a lifetime, that no one else seemingly experiences or knows about. Like a UFO encounter or other easter egg.




Probably one of the best sounding live bands i saw many times in the 90s

Neil White

Growing up on the East Coast of America it was number one for years... Bringing me back to all those surf movies with Occy and Tom Carol, the music was amazing. I would just skip school and surf, listen to this album.

Andy Burns

Lime Spiders rock hard as well!


Well said mate.... Cheers.

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This song is so close to perfect its shocking. It doesn't get old.

Cuz Dud

Intro-G Em x2
[G]I can still recall the [Em]time
[G]She said she was always [Em]mine
Then she [A]left, as people [G]do,
And [A]forgets what we've been [G]through

[G]It's not that she's gone [Em]away
[G]It's the things I hear she [Em]has got to say
About [A]me - and about my [G]friends
When [A]we've got no [G]defence.

That's [D]her, I'll never believe her [C]again
She might have deceived all my [D]friends
I know they will see in the [C]end
What it all means when she [B]says (yeah!)
[E G]I [C]want you [A]back (She says) x4

Instrumental- G Em x2

But what's [A]worse, she thinks it's [G]true
But that's just [A]her she always was a [G]little bit confused
[A]She's not worth the [G]time I had to lose

That's [D]her, I'll never believe her [C]again
She might have [D]deceived my [C]friends
I know they will see what it means when she [B]says (yeah!)
[E G]I [C]want you [A]back (She says) x10 end on E

Mr. Soul '69

Every part of this song is a hook. It is, quite simply, a perfect pop song. And that's not an easy thing to create.


This song still knocks me on my ass with its perfection all these years later. "Stoneage Romeos" will always be one of my fave LPs, sounds as fresh today as it did then. Thanks for uploading this, much appreciated :)

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