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Song For My Father
Horace Silver Lyrics


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San Eckelhöfer

amazing Cape Verdean singer, instrumentalist and composer Carmen Souza has written the lyrics (in Creole language) to Horace Silver's great tune: "Canção pa nha pai"

"father's coming back home after another hard sea trip"

"Ess ê um canção pa nha pai qui passá tud sê vida na mar
Na bord daquês navio
El ta trabalha viaja ta tchora sodade di volta
Ta luta pam vivê

Ma sempre el ta voltá
Chei d' ligria pa dam
Dipôs de tont temp na mar
Nha pai
Ess ê um canção pa exalta sê exempl sê herança pa mim
Força de vontade, carinh
Um vida tud ta luta ta viaja ta conquista tud mund
Note ta parecê sem fim

Ma sempre el ta voltá
Chei d'ligria pa dam
Depôs de tont temp na mar
Nha pai"

check it out with the English version (hoping you allow me to link it here, jazzhole13 thanks)

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Penney Henry

reminds me of sunday afternoons dad would play jazz for hours and the whole house was so mellow..
miss you both mom & dad

Carl Bowles

@Michelle Samuels
Me too

Carl Bowles

I feel you!

Michelle Samuels

When I was young, my father did the same. Played Jazz on weekends. Love you dad.

andre Starke

@Anthony Humphries Lucky man!

Anthony Humphries

@kevin drobish Yes Sir

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Edward Kingsbury

This was my dads all-time favourite song. He was in a coma for a week, the minute I put this song on he began to die, and died right at the end of it, my face to his crying as he took his last breath. Bye bye daddy, I hope you are so happy, I miss you so much, the pain is enormous I miss you so much, be in peace, I love you, you're my best. I just want to be with you. Love you.❤Forever and ever, this is your song daddy.

Esad Akçakuş

Your father had a life with pleasure to had a son like this. Beatiful story ❤️

Ashwin Panemangalore

The song has had a noticeable impact in pop music. The opening bass piano notes were borrowed by Steely Dan for their song "Rikki Don't Lose That Number", while the opening horn riff was borrowed by Stevie Wonder for his song "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing". Earth Wind & Fire also borrowed the opening bass notes for their song "Clover". In the booklet of their box set, Paul Weller noted that he 'nicked 'the chords for The Style Council's 1984 song 'Me Ship Came In!'

Dan Nuttle

@can we get 500 subscribers Silver had a talent for making "just simple" things memorable

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