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Curs in the Weeds
Horse Feathers Lyrics

Lover of things
Won't you agree
How the winter could bring
The darkest spring

With hell on your face
Dirt on the walls
In the back of the place
You grew and complained

Father of three
Won't you believe
That the ones in between
The ones that are blamed

Of fickle faith
Cynics that seethe
How their children are cursed
Cursed to believe

It's like marrow without bone
To live in a house with no home
Where the son is the darkest seed
He crawls with the curs in the weeds

Where had you been son
Not in the street, not in the yard

Only once, I'll call off the dogs
If you call off your guard

Where had you gone
Where had you been


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Comments from YouTube:

Aaron Henderson

This song fucking hits me hard...always has...but I've been through a ton that is very much related to what this song is about...I have been recently diagnosed with BPD after struggling to have any successful relationships of any kind for years, blah blah...and my child hood was one of zero love...there was a time I can remember, still in diapers, and allowed to roam free a deserted auto wrecking yard all day unsupervised, probably 100 acres...maybe 2-3 years old...not old enough to speak properly, so maybe younger...I would wander farther and farther each day...and stay out as long as I day, I wandered too far and couldn't find my way back, and remembered that roads go to houses, and I could see a house, and maybe would know how to get home from the road...I made it to the road, and remember not knowing what anything was, and not knowing what way to go, so I started crying and walked left. I walked for what seemed like a very long time on the gravel shoulder, and finally, a car came...and told me to get in...I cried harder and kept walking...finally, the old man in the car...he followed me...and made me scared...but didn't get out, and asked me where I was going...and I couldn't talk he followed me for a long time, and finally, I gave up...I still didn't know anything or recognize where I was at all...and it was hot, I was in a diaper...and I got in the car...luckily, the old man wasn't some creep rapist dude or something, and somehow actually got me home...I vaguely remember him asking me to point out anything I could recognize, but I don't think I was able to...and also vaguely remember him stopping and asking other old people if they recognized me or knew of where I could have came from. Anyway...that memory comes back every time I watch this...wandering through this field / abandoned wrecking yard as a toddler...

Rob B

No song has captured how it felt to grow up with a single father doing what he could to provide physically, while having little to offer emotionally; this video really reminds me of almost raising myself, running around just doing kid stuff.. I never realized it was an avoidance of 'home' until this video; being lost in the woods, totally lost for hours at a time. "where had you been, son? not in the street, not in the yard' really reminds me of my own father's inability to connect emotionally while still having that 'fatherly' duty. One of the instances where a song feels like it was created almost perfectly for your situation, without the artist even knowing it. The tempo of the song, the kind melody of the strings, it all reminds me of different parts of my childhood. The grown kid exploring his old house and lying down, the child running through the grass back home.. All of it. It resonates so much. Thank you for this.


Heard this on a morning train ride to Manchester. Regular train, regular morning... And yet I feel like I'll never forget watching the grass plains and the fresh morning breeze pass me by to this tune. Sat there and smiled back at the view for no reason, which was reason enough it seemed.

Vinyl For Breakfast

My dad died in 2008 and I bought this cd in Tallahassee at a used store. I listened to it over and over and this song made me feel sad and yet happy at the same time. As I looked over the farm where my mom and dad grew up this song just made me feel so much. Now when I hear it I'm transported back to that time and again I feel happy and sad, this music is so powerful.


Horse feathers is the best music To listen to in nature. Riding my bike through the northwoods of Wisconsin while listening to this music is one of my favorite things to do.

Chip Dillard

If you want something different to listen to while in nature, try Lord Huron.

Jessica West

I came across Horse Feathers my sophmore year of high school, Looking at a terribly long list on bands who had come from Portland, Oregon. I picked them because their name made me laugh. I'm SO glad my childish humor brought me to this INCREDIBLE band. <3!

andre mastrogiacomo

my mother plays cello.. . .This song made my eyes well up with water that precipitated out of them. Reminds me of afternoons with my moms cello playing throughout the house and yard. painfully beautiful. lovely instruments and harmony. brings back something inside me. This is the first horse feathers song i have heard in my life


This beautiful song breaks my heart and mends it at the same time

Bubba Smith

simply one of the best songs I have ever heard

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