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A Walk In The Black Forest
Horst Jankowski Lyrics

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Just Me

I’m here because Tim Brooke-Taylor has just passed away, and this was the only record The Goodies had for their pirate radio station.

Paul Cardin / Wirral In It Together

I only noticed today that the theme tune to I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, starring Tim Brooke Taylor begins with the German National Anthem before veering off into summat else...

Robert Brockway

A Walk in the Black Forest, flipside!



Nelli Kovanen

Wow this song brings so much memories! I heard this first time in Amsterdam... The version was a bit different and I believe the lyrics were in French. I can never forget the performer! Such a beautiful striptease artist Chantel. Wow... such an amazing memory.

david allen


Kevin Russell

Any flange?


Listening to this tune from 1965 brings a sense of melancholy. why? Why is it that anyone who experienced growing up in the 50's-60's just knows the best times are in the past. The world of my childhood is long gone. why do we feel such a sense of nostalgia? You cannot put it into words. You just know it deep inside. Why do we mourn that world which is no longer?

John Rogan

Before we found out everything is a deceptive lie designed to steal from us!

Julie Machen

So well said..yes i mourn for those days too

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