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Hoshi Lyrics

Somebody help (somebody help me)
Somebody help (somebody help me)
Somebody help me
Somebody help me

난 느낄 수 있어 내가 위험하단 걸
도망칠 수 없단 걸

물방울이 맺히기만 해도
반짝거려 눈이 부신 이곳은 (yeh yeh yeh yeh)
부주의한 한 발자국이
의식의 끈을 놓게 만들어 oh yeh

마른 침을 삼켜
한시도 긴장을 풀 수 없어 yeh
So emergency
너무 위험해

숨이 막힌다고
네가 날 볼 때면 네가 날 볼 때면 yeh yeh
몸이 떨린다고
네 손이 닿으면 네 손이 닿으면

거미같이 넌 날 가둬놓고 말지
엉켜 있는 우리가 헤어나지 못하게
거미같이 퍼즐 속이 난 즐겁지
싫은 척해도 baby 난 좋아 baby (ah)

도대체 몇 번째야 알면서도 걸린 나야
이게 운명이라면, 위험해도 괜찮아
너의 독에 취해버려
불안함마저 못 느끼나 봐
Oh 이젠 이곳이 편해

물방울이 맺히기만 해도
햇빛이 깊숙이 머무는 이곳 (yeh yeh yeh yeh)
무리해서 한 발자국 더
너에게로 접근하게 해 oh yeh

마른 침을 삼켜
한시도 긴장을 풀 수 없어 yeh
So emergency
너무 위험해

숨이 막힌다고
네가 날 볼 때면 네가 날 볼 때면 yeh yeh
몸이 떨린다고
네 손이 닿으면 네 손이 닿으면

거미같이 넌 날 가둬놓고 말지
엉켜 있는 우리가 헤어나지 못하게
거미같이 퍼즐 속이 난 즐겁지
싫은 척해도 baby 난 좋아 baby, ah

너와 같이 이곳에 머물고 싶지
엉켜 있는 우리가 헤어나지 못하게
셀 수 없는 이끌림이 너무 좋아
싫은 척해도 baby 난 좋아 baby ah

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Written by: Bumzu, Ji Hoon Lee, Ki Tae Park, Soon Young Kwon

Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind
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Stan talents Stan comedians Stan svt

Seventeen music recommendations:

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Trust me all their b-sides tracks and Japanese tracks are masterpiece. They have many genres of music including cool, anime vibes, cute and fresh, sentimental, musical, kinda rock, sexy,asthetic, kingsman vibes etc... Although if u didn't like some songs, you can't deny that there is no bad songs at all. It's just differ based on our own preference. Seventeen have one of the flawless music discography in kpop so give it a try! Woozi is indeed a music genius, he not only can produce, compose songs and write beautiful lyrics but also can sing like main vocal, dance and choreographed well, play many instruments including drums, guitar, clarinet, flute, piano etc.. Tru watch his works as producer here, he is really gem and one of kind:

🌸Thank you🌸

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Hoshi Maru

You've come so far, Hoshi. We're very proud of you!

Nicole Musgraves



@BILLIE SAYS DUH I'm so done with army's (immature one) like they are everywhere ( no bts content one too )
In k drama c drama
Toxic ones aughhhhhhhhh


Donald Dick

@Mignon Cover

Donald Dick


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whenever i feel like i don’t contribute to society enough, i remind myself that i contribute at least 10 views to this masterpiece each day

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Less than 2k to 15M

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