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Vatstep DSP
by Hrvatski

So there's this kid
he mash it up all over the place
with the dub plate pressure all up in your face
(go tell that kid)
606 do that rough-neck soldier thing
With the dsp
Gwan have to modulate the ring

We talking cubase v s t, with the hyperprism mods
Make the kids go crazy, you can see it in their nods (now mister)
606, 606 wth the hybrid gabbercore
No more dub plate pressure makes the girls scream 'gimme some more'
(so me say)

Gwan mister peace officer, gwan take me downtown
Know the dub plate pressure's now the hottest thing around
(now hear this)
Kid starting to sweat the technique
Man he look like he gwan trying way too hard on not a thing
While the selector spin down

Ganja man, you gwan
Put up your spliff
Get the t h see pump in your veins, let others take a whiff
So that kid, he gwan putting up a scene
Man, it real hard to believe that he's only nineten


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