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by Hunny

man is crippled and dead and
meek and eager in his sin

turn around, say you love the way I
hang around, you miss the spark in my eyes

I was a queen last night
I said take to the water
and let you drink my lies
like "okay, you're right"

you can't spell pain or kiss
or run away or little mistake
without me or A, E, I, O, U

it's not at all unusual
to melt like a ball of wax or
to take what I didn't ask for

it's important being me
it's so important being me

Contributed by Matthew R. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Thank you all for your comments ! It is indeed a great song !





@Shregokii Hopefully, more people will find it and listen to it :)


A shame only 13k people listened to it

Badjawn _.

If you are here listening to this YOU HAVE GOOD ASS TASTE IN MUSIC !!😛💖🥰


and im from philly too :)

Benjamin Goller

this is a masterpiece

i can't understand how this is not in the charts

edenn !

i saw this live at a concert yesterday and omg it was amazing

yeetus feetus self-deleetus


edenn !

omg hello we were all there indidndkejfjeisjfn

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