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Hurts to Purr Lyrics

It's a perfect day for a matinee
The rain falling
It's a perfect day for a matinee
And I'm calling in sick

So I can lose myself in a dark room
With two old ladies laughing when I do
And the ushers are watching too

It's a perfect day for a matinee
And I think I love you
It's a perfect day for a matinee
And I'm hoping you love me too

Hoping so hard that I need to escape
And calm down my heart to a regular pace
But I miss your hand on my knee
What a wonderful weight

It's a perfect day for a matinee
And I leave the theater, it's light out, it's light out
It's a perfect day for a matinee
And I'll call you later, tell you what the movie was about

And you'll laugh and ask why I went alone
And I'll lie and say I thought everybody'd already seen that one
But you would have gone
You would have gone
Oh you would have, you would have gone

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Comments from YouTube:


Pandora is where all music lovers eventually end up. This song is why. :)


I found this song on pandora by listening to lou reed, good find.


I also heard this song for the first time on Pandora while listening to The Dresden Dolls. I absolutely love it, thank you for uploading.

Alex Escalante

Yup! That's where I heard it too!

Judd Compton

I think most know, but Hurts to Purr is Liz Pappademas's old band. She's now gone off on her own and if you like Hurts to Purr, you'll probably love her solo stuff as much (or more).


Thanks, and no problem. I'm glad you guys have something similar there. Especially if you guys' radio and MTV stink like it does here.

Alex Farky

Just wondering if you could please upload 'fall apart' it you have it. Used to love it so much but I can't find it anywhere anymore. I'd love to hear it again

Alex Escalante

I think I was listening to Metric. do you like them? Chantal Kreviazuk is pretty cool thanks!


ahh hurts to pur. i heard this song on a friends myspace page back in 2005 went to download it couldn't find it so i ended up buying the whole album off their(hurts to pur) myspace page. such a great album to kick back to on a sunday. thanks for posting.peace

Robin Lovell

Can you upload "Old Man" by Casey Dienel please if you have it?

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