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I-Land Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by I-Land:

Calling 희미하게 들려 날 부르는 소리가 So I'm walking, I'm walking to…

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NieMarie Cordero_USA

Producers gave K low scores because not only he was doing “Center”but they considered him already as a professional based on his skills, they evaluated him not as a trainee anymore but as an IDOL ready to debut, very high expectations on him compared to others because his skills and talents are on different kind of level, plus he’s the first foreigner to be in top 6, that alone is really a big deal in K-POP, Japan is also considered to be the second highest # of viewers ratings. I think what K missing here also, my opinion, is the so called “audience impact”, you know that strong effect?? (the wow factor) normally he always stands out, height alone 6’0 + you can spot him right away, it’s like the focal point, plus he has this strong magnetic presence, it’s like he belongs in the stage.
Jungwoon (as part 2) on the other hand, outshined him by consistently hitting his high notes, Sunghoon , Jay and Jake (small parts) their facial expressions were on point, their stage presence is effortless, they winged it, it creates a lasting effect. Producers were focused more on them than K as a CENTER sad to say because even the camera loves the four of them.
For me, being sick is not a valid excuse for someone who is not performing well, you need to care of your body all the time, its expected already that’s it’s gonna be either a Do or Die situation on stage, but honestly I’m impressed with K here, he still managed to perform well despite his colds, not his usual high energy but his movements are well executed, still sharp and controlled.

For his vocals, based on some comments I’ve read, it’s pre recorded, not his live voice, because he can barely sing, he was nervous and not confident of his voice, and it’s obvious already that singing falsettos w/ sore throat is a recipe for disaster bound to happen. No wonder Rain said he can’t even hear his natural voice at least, that makes sense, so yeah ZERO POINTS for singing! That explains the “61” score.

Switch to another topic, To: WONDERKID , producer/music director/composer, I think you were violating the protocol for evaluating the 4 tests. I can’t get your logic on bringing up “K’s name (top trainee) on a discussion for possible elimination and sending him to the ground?? It doesn’t makes sense, GET YOUR FACTS straight please, Thanks to ZICO ( I will kinda miss him 😞) and to the rest of the producers for the kind words that K has a lot of potentials to offer.

Anyway, my expectations for K on PART 2, please do more on your singing or rapping. I know you’re an All ROUNDER, please show us how versatile you are, I still think that there’s still that hidden gem inside of you, waiting to be discovered, LET IT OUT. You have a lot of potentials to offer and I’m rooting for you til the end. Btw I LoVe K’s new hairstyle, I can’t wait to finally see his amazing facial expressions on stage, his signature look,so Good luck K on Part 2. All the best! Yes, Definitely I will vote and support for you!

To all K STANS, K has a small fanbase due to his age and nationality, ages between 14-16 are dominating social media right now and established a lot of fandoms on their own biases, being a foreigner making a debut on KPOP is like a needle on a haystack, the debut line up of 12 is not a guarantee and is yet to be determined, there’s still possible for elimination through global voting every week on 6 episodes who knows, anything is possible . So YES K is still not safe and I feel horrible if he won’t make it, it’s such a waste of talents. So please VOTE and support him, don’t be sleeping Y’all!

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Jeanne Miñoza

We all can agree that Jungwon slayed this stage despite switching parts with Heeseung. He owned it!

Eva Zhu

@shiro Jungwon wasn't happy after switching parts with Heeseung, he only did it because he didn't want to risk the score


the way he was clearly a little sad/worried about having to change positions but despite that getting the top spot with the highest score in this test is just so wow to me like he literally born to be an idol


shiro it's not that jungwon wasn't happy before he switches parts with heeseung

Kang RaeJin

Jungwon literally shine the stage along with Jake, Jay, Heeseung, Sunghoon and K!!

Ashley Gwen G. Butal

@shiro agree

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내가 왜 좋아하니?

Sunghoon visual and expression seriously give me that idol vibe he kinda looks like mix of cha eun woo and exo's sehun if he became one the the 7 who'll debut he'll definitely be the visual of the group


Well guess what😌🐧



Drunk-Dazed SOTY.

And now he's the visual!

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