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IU Lyrics

So are you happy now (happy now)
Finally happy now yeah (yeah)

뭐 그대로야 난 (그대로야 난)
다 잃어버린 것 같아

모든 게 맘대로 왔다가 인사도 없이 떠나
이대로는 무엇도 사랑하고 싶지 않아
다 해질 대로 해져버린
기억 속을 여행해

우리는 오렌지 태양 아래
그림자 없이 함께 춤을 춰
정해진 이별 따위는 없어
아름다웠던 그 기억에서 만나
Forever young

우우우 우우우우 우우우 우우우우
Forever we young
우우우 우우우우
이런 악몽이라면 영영 깨지 않을게 (슈가)

섬 그래 여긴 섬 서로가 만든 작은 섬
예 음 forever young 영원이란 말은 모래성

작별은 마치 재난문자 같지
그리움과 같이 맞이하는 아침
서로가 이 영겁을 지나
꼭 이 섬에서 다시 만나

지나듯 날 위로하던 누구의 말대로 고작
한 뼘짜리 추억을 잊는 게 참 쉽지 않아
시간이 지나도 여전히
날 붙드는 그 곳에

우리는 오렌지 태양 아래
그림자 없이 함께 춤을 춰
정해진 안녕 따위는 없어
아름다웠던 그 기억에서 만나

우리는 서로를 베고 누워
슬프지 않은 이야기를 나눠
우울한 결말 따위는 없어
난 영원히 널 이 기억에서 만나
Forever young

우우우 우우우우 우우우 우우우우
Forever we young
우우우 우우우우
이런 악몽이라면 영영 깨지 않을게

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Written by: Ji Eun Lee, Yi Jeong Jang, Yoon Gi Min

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


This song is just amazing. The musicvideo, the meaning behind it.. everything. it's just amazing to see, which thoughts were put in this. I admire IU for how she stays optimistic and for the way she thinks. She's just such a wholesome.

She's mature even though she stood in the spotlight since she was a teenager.

I truly admire IU for who she is & for giving people hope, making them happy and encouraging them with her songs.

IU is literally a magical queen 😌🤍🤝

And not to forget Suga. Next to many other things the fact that he takes part in this song is making him appear very strong and mature to me. He's suffering from depression and participated in IU's storytelling of a healing process.
He is truly King Suga🤍😌

All comments from YouTube:

Zaara Ibrahim

Please think twice before saying something. You never know how it affects someone. This song is a tribute to IU's bestfriends Jonghyun, Hara and Sulli who were talented artists but ended up ending their lives because of all the hate they were receiving. Even if you don't like a song don't keep hating. You don't know how much effort they have put in it.Most importantly never judge someone without even knowing them.

Nidia Salazar

Why would someone hate this beautiful song?!

Swet 224

"Never judge someone without even knowing them." is the real truth😭

BambamThe Savage

It's Jonghyun's birthday today

rinchen 😁😁

Beautiful song love it ❤️

Smira Kankariya[칸카리야 스미라]

@mihir mehta I am not a Shawol yet but I feel really bad for you guys I am so sorry :(

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Amos (에아모스)

When I met her in 2014 I didn't really know who she was. Now it's 2022 and I regret not introducing myself lmao


@Amos (에아모스) oh sorry u are so lucky boy

Amos (에아모스)

@SMILE WITH AYESHA. I'm not a girl lol


U are so sooooooo lucky girl

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