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By the Sword
iamjakehill Lyrics

Bitch I got some buzzards clawin' at my fuckin' stomach
I'm from the shadows, left the gallows, made the summit
Hear the trumpets rollin' in like it's 300
Let the battle feel ravaged, attack, and then we stack the bodies up

Bitch, I got some buzzards clawin'
At my fuckin' stomach (fuckin' stomach)
I'm from the shadows
Left the gallows, made the summit (made the summit)
Hear the trumpets rollin' in like it's 300
Let the battle feel ravaged, attack, and then we stack the bodies up

Moonlight shinin' off the armor
That I'm 'bout to rip (I'm 'bout to rip)
Got no time to waste
So don't worry I'll make it quick (I'll make it quick)
Your death will be glorious, I'm emergin' victorious
Name is reignin' notorious, but this isn't where the story ends

There's no turning back now, just fire in the background
The spires overlook the bloody night, it's in the past now
But it's time
The grudge that I been holdin' is brewin' awfully potent
My shoulders shrug, I've had enough, I guess your time is up

Okay, my blade is itchin', ready up now, I smell the fear
This is where it ends, don't look around, there's no one for you here
It's just you and me
So motherfucker are you feelin' lucky?
What's it gonna be? Tell me, what's it gonna be?

Kill, my blade stained, plain face
Say my fuckin' name
As my blood runs black, you can tell we're not the same
See the fire in the sky and embrace of the storm
'Cause I live by the sword and I'll die by the fuckin' sword

Bury me
Six feet deep, with steel around my flesh (my flesh)
By the sword and laid to rest
The stains turn into nightmares

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Hi jake



Crioffear vs

I love ur songs.


GREAT JOB. Cheers from Spain!


Jake you're a legend, and from the bottom of my heart I thank and love you for your legendary songs ❤

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The amount of editing in these videos and the time it takes to do it is just incomprehensible... I think I broke the like button.

Twilight Sparkle

speaking of breaking the like button if you use an autoclicker on a reaction emoticon on Discord with a really fast autoclicker like 100 clicks a second fast, you will break discord.


@Daniel Lim you're funny

Daniel Lim

@alex oh come on!

Where’s directions to Dubai?

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