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Personal Reflection
Ian Blaikie Lyrics

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Less is Life

I'm glad that I clicked on this auto-suggestion.
This video was so relatable.
I worked for about two years then quit because I was not feeling as if any purpose i.e. money or passion or learning got fulfilled and also on most of my days there i have this feeling where I felt empty, blank, dull, worthless.

I have no single interest that I can think of building up my career. I have many interest but I don't think of making career out of it either. Quite confusing.

Being purpose-less and confused requires extra effort to keep my mental health in check. You have to withstand people around you asking what do you do and social media is full of people shining in their careers, hustling, and you find yourself right where you started.
Last year, i discovered that I have anxiety. And recently, i have realised that what I am suffering from in my life is not taking charge... Charge of my life, my decisions... even the smallest ones...
I don't fear failing at anything... Coz I never really felt the ownership to do anything and how I can one fear failing at something when he/ she never felt that they ever had the power to do it.

This video is really worthy at point like this when I am looking for a job but still confused whether the i should change my career or continue with the same one.
Deep inside I know somewhere that to continue doing the same thing means I am choosing the safe and conventional path even when I know I won't enjoy or be exceptional in that and also, with that career shift comes the fear of going wrong, failing, not succeeding even when I don't know who I could be.

I hope everyone who is reading this finds their voice and relize the power that they are gifted with.


Hanaan A

key points:

- Launch your boat on your river.
- Work on developing your skills.
- Take charge of your decisions.
- Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
- Don’t be afraid to fail.
- Be determined.
- Work through those moment of doubts.
- Never be ashamed to ask for help.

thanks a lot, it was really helpful.

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Mauricio Weber

Thank you! Both inspiring and eye watering speach. Restarting my carrer at 57, I really needed to hear that there is hope...

maribella armstrong

@Tiffany >>>>opinion I

Sara Di-azza

Best of luck!!



kim Jones

A very best of luck for your career ❤️❤️


Best of luck to you!

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Sofia Chiu

Very inspiring! Failure is not the adversary. Two years ago I started an online business and made so few sales that made me cry. That fear of failing again stopped me from doing what I loved. But I've recently learnt that admitting you are wrong and learning from your mistakes is the best thing you can do. Failure is not scary. Not trying again is.

Emily H

@Forefather Of Mankind
In which Dimension ??? 😊

Forefather Of Mankind

@Emily H you want to hook up ?!

Derick Ndigye Official

Hey Sofia chui

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