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Ten To Six Christmas
Ian Saylor Lyrics

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Wayquan Le

@Mike Weir what new economics? The crash of the internet bubble in 2001+ based on "new" thinking. The new US$ print machine aftermath of Lehman brothers "without" corresponding US$ devaluation like in Asian crisis in 1997? The trillion US$ printing out of thin air by Biden just to make US citizens feel good, something not available to the west and the rest of the world without serious consequences? Etc.
The new economics?
The ever out of control US $ deficits. The international confidence on whether the US$ is still worth anything from the rest of the world?
There is a breaking point. Bluffing only can be done so many times.
Elons trillion dollar empire needs trillion dollar sales. No infrastructure to generate anything close. Who will buy an ounce of moon rock for 100million US$?
Elon tech is nothing new . EV is everywhere. You need to buy elon?
Hype man. Can elon sell 100 000 EVs a year to generate only maybe US50million in actual profits?
His battery is not Elon alone. Lithium ion batteries are everywhere. Besides Elon does not even fixed the Lithium battery's main flaw of exploding.
Many US inventions have surpassed this old generation battery tech.
US govt knows best. US govt throw away trillions for the real geniuses and fore front tech .
US gave elon a few millions as a hedge bet just in case elon comes up with something after so much waiting by elon in getting funded.
1 million living humans on Mars by 2050 by elon is impossible , showing how much hype is generated and surrounds the man.
Elon will benefit if US bothers in sharing a bit of the huge advances in tech with Elon, but uncle Sam does not think worthy.
Elon has not the team to even wing it. Microsoft Gates, Amazon Bezo, Apple Jobs all have the critical persons team beside them to wing it.
At over a trillion dollars, elon empire is dangerous not only to elon investors but to the entire US financial market.
It can crash the essential pillar of the US infrastructure : the US$.
E.g. elon world is essentially a one man show. Remove the man, this hype world immediately collapse.
No one can hold up this bubble.
If Elon is smart, he will secretly cash out now to get close to a trillion, be safe, take a long holiday, before considering to make a comeback.
The elon run is about to end. A trillion based on hype especially in a pandemic / post pandemic world where cash is tight, luxury goods like EVs , space, will be avoided, thus having no market.
Make your own choice. Putting in money now at such high price only will get you stuck, allowing early buyers to profit. Nothing "new" about the system .
I read my economics, I know my markets. My worry is not about elon, as I have made my decision the Elon is human hype chasing price into a dangerous bubble that has no reality with actual value nor what elon can actually delivers, thus is a investment to be avoided.
My worry is how to find safety when the confidence in the US$ in the exchange for the goods, the efforts, the services from the rest of the world crashes.
The only concern about elon, is his bubble like the Lehman of 2008, is one of the best instrument to crash the US economy & the US$ dominance.
If US$ triilion bubble in elon is burst, the lost to the common people will be beyond any "new" economic thinking.
US govt with US out of control deficits cannot do a 2008 bail out .
New economics?
No one will give you free goods under a trading exchange.
Otherwise, it is begging. Or robbing.
This direction of "new" economics is not sustainable. It is also nothing to do with economics.

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Tyre Compare

He's not predicting the future, he is creating it.

Carol Hancock

As did Huxley

Tyre Compare

@khoo chee peng SJ?

Sunking Ram

All of Tesla products are made from fossil fuels. He stole the name from a scientist who actually created renewable energy, energy that has no entropy.

Maiwand Painda

@Balls To the wall  cause you have balls or what ?

Jim East

@bundyboy961 No we do.

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Tamie Jones

These aren't predictions, these are goals.

McCoy Christine

@N Fairchid yeah, there is a lot to learn from crypto currency


Affirmed and re affirmed. Manifesting Master. But, he is right!

N Fairchid

@McCoy Christine inside trading

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