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Concret PH
Iannis Xenakis Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

A Cursed Che Guevara Shirt

It sounds like a waterfall of plastic forks.


For info on the composition and the process behind you can read Xenakis book Formalized Music but in short the composer recorded sounds of burning wood etc then used a process of granular synthesis to create this sounds I hope it helps a bit. cheers!!!!

Tuco! Tuco! Gas! Gas! Gas!

Obviously, it is raining glass in a flaming Radio Shack that is sinking into the earth.


Obviously! ;)


no to me it sounds like electronic components set on fire or frying you know like Diodes and chips set on fire


i would imagine the name 'concret' is more related to 'musique concrete' than brutalism .. no matter what his background

Wilhelm Matthies

wonderful, early example of ambient sounds from concrete sources, concrete...


Xenakis was discredited for the design of the Philips Pavilion for which it was composed for and originally played in as well. Although it was usual for Le Corbusier to take credit for the work of his pupils, Xenakis did not give in and finally parted after too many disagreements. Check any source in literature about the Philips Pavilion or Xeankis, its definitely his composition. Furthermore, a piece as such would not necessarily be Varese's style, which makes it unlikely to be his composition.

P Last Name

Makes me think of birds and insects which sing at night.


I really like this piece, thank you for posting it! Could also anyone tell me, what painting this one is? thanks

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