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Concret PH
Iannis Xenakis Lyrics

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For info on the composition and the process behind you can read Xenakis book Formalized Music but in short the composer recorded sounds of burning wood etc then used a process of granular synthesis to create this sounds I hope it helps a bit. cheers!!!!

Edoardo Maria Bellucci

The piece is dated 1958. The granular synthesis techniques (together with all other digital synthesis techniques) is still so far from being created (first digital implementation will be made from Berry Truax and Curtis Roads around 70s). Xenakis was one of the first composer to think about sounds as big assemblages of small sound-units, but his pieces (especially this one) were not made with the use of granular synthesis.

A Cursed Che Guevara Shirt

It sounds like a waterfall of plastic forks.

Wilhelm Matthies

wonderful, early example of ambient sounds from concrete sources, concrete...


no to me it sounds like electronic components set on fire or frying you know like Diodes and chips set on fire

Brian Cornish

burning embers - there's a lesson there

Udo Matthias drums

still love it!!


I really like this piece, thank you for posting it! Could also anyone tell me, what painting this one is? thanks

Chaim Mendel

imagine what the score for this looks like!

Jack Cotolo

wow, never knew that about him that's wild. thanks for teaching me something today

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