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Adrià Puntí Pots fer-li el tomb a un giravolt Pots dir-li el sí…
Allred I woke up such a mess today, so alone and…
Evile Dark the days begin to grow With nothing more to show A…
Golem Huge and menacing you lie ahead No path you did reveal…

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This Is What P E R M A N E N T Tattoos Are Called!


@Vøíd flyify ꪜ e

Vøíd flyify ꪜ

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@Bengal-Desi Beautiful explanation


@no face And just to clarify, there might be a mismatch in our definitions of God’s attributes. While he is all-powerful, he is not described as all-compassionate. He is described, in the Quran at least, as ‘most-compassionate.’ Meaning while he shows great compassion for his creations, especially more so on judgement day when he will pardon many sins out of his own mercy and enter people into a place of eternal bliss, he is also ‘ the judge’ and ‘the reckoner.’ He still reserves the right to punish the evil doers and his compassion will at most times be held back when we are committing injustice against other creations, against our own selves, or against the creator by giving his rights to others/not believing in him. So the Islamic definition is that God is not all-compassionate as in he strictly shows compassion in all situations, rather he is most-compassionate, and that faces no contradiction in terms of how this universe functions. This is why I personally chose this faith after doing my research and my search for truth and purpose .


@no face There is a purpose to everything, even pain and suffering serves a purpose. For example, It can test the strength of a persons faith and how much patience they can give out, do they give up believing in their creator after suffering for a while. Many times the pain and suffering brings people closer to their creator and puts them in a path to start the search of their purpose. Pain also serves the purpose of creating more empathy and understanding for other beings and animals. Without suffering we can’t truly understand the blessing of ease and comfort when we do get to enjoy that. After all, this universe was never described as a happy go place and so it will not act in a way to always keep you happy. There is a verse in the Quran, for example, where God says “we do not test a person except with what it can bare.” If the suffering became too much our brains would shut off, but if we are alive it means we can endure through it and come out stronger. There is also a verse ,”verily after every hardship there is ease.” So pain is not something that is lasting. My point is pain and suffering doesn’t in any way negate the existence of God, rather it serves many purposes for him. I recommend Muhammad Hijab’s channel where he debates many of these topics in relation to God, you will find many if not all of your answers there.

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