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Whispering Breeze
Ildjarn Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Dipak fp


Shashi Bhat

the best

olivier Leroux

Grood grood grood darkart superbe love foad bravo

Ronaldo Almeida

True Norwegian Underground band. Fuck of the rest, fuck of the trends. Hail ILDJARN.

Dimas Kurnia


E. tezani

It was recorded in a paper bag

Hvor mange øyne har Odin

@John Williams ìm just joshing bro

Hvor mange øyne har Odin

@John Williams Banned in D.C is just like horna dude


Kind of a shame that this band wasn't involved with the black Inner Circle



Ildjarn is antisocial.

The inner circle was about socialising with each other and kissing oystens ass.

If anything, it's awesome for him that ildjarn wasn't involved. Would you like to have the police at your door for a long time just because you had a bit of fun?

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